Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inscription Guide | Selling Beetles, Rocks and Slimes - WoW Gold Guide

Origami items are fun, yet useless items. Their best part is not the cheap materials, but the fact that no one else seems to sell these. They may not make you a wow millionaire, but considering how cheap and fast it is to make these, it deserves a post!

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Don't use your normal selling strategy!
Like all fun items, most players do not even know that such items exist. That's why you should always advertise these items on the trade chat. Origami items are useless though, so you'll have to come up with something unique if you want people to buy them. "WTS <item>" is just not enough this time. Be original!

I would create a few samples, but I'm in a hurry to play Skyrim. Sorry! =)

Note that it may be even impossible to make lots of gold with this method on some realms. I play on a huge population realm mainly, and I can sell up to 3 stacks every week. It's not much, but considering how little time and gold it costs to make one, it's a welcome method on top of the other quick methods!

  • Start by creating 5-10 of each.
  • Do not sell in stacks of one. Try 5 instead!
  • Use the Trade Chat aswell as Auction House!
  • Experiment with the price.

How can I create these?
There are 3 different Origami techniques currently, and they all drop from different Cataclysm monsters, all tied to a certain zone/theme. The drops are fairly random, so you may have to grind a bit to find what you are looking for.

Technique: Origami Beetle
"Release a small swarm of beetles."
This item drops from nearly every monster in Uldum and Lost City.

Technique: Origami Rock
"Creates a rock."
This item drops mainly from monsters in Deepholm.

Technique: Origami Slime
"Release several inky oozes."
This item drops from every monster in Vashj'ir.

To see these items drop, you must have Inscription. But you do not have to be maxed out. These also offer some very cheap inscription leveling from 480 and up, if you haven't got enough points yet!

Because this method offers such a limited amount of gold, the next method will be bigger! It focuses on the Auction House mainly, takes 20 seconds and I've made about 40k from it in the last 60 days. Check back in a day or two and try it out yourself!
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Anonymous said...

*Thank you* for still posting original WoW gold making content and not participating in the gold community drama. I truly enjoy your site!

Kuja said...

Thanks for the kind words. I hate the drama aswell and will do my best to not let it enter this site :)