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Herbalism Guide | Best places to farm Stranglekelp

Stranglekelp has always been one of the more expensive herbs due to the "hard" access to them. They spawn underwater almost always, so that means lots of swimming! However, if you are a veteran herbalist, you have a druid already. Aquatic form makes underwater farming a lot more easier. Even the other flowers can be picked up a lot faster if you don't have to "dismount" every few seconds!

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You're gonna get wet!
What makes Stranglekelp valuable is mainly..

1) They are essential for any aspiring Alchemist.
2) They are a pain to farm!
3) Herbalists like to farm other herbs instead.
Stranglekelp is a reagent for a couple of potions. Almost all of them are useless though, so your best bet would be to sell them raw and not touch them.There are a couple of zones that are superior when compared to the rest of the zones where Stranglekelp is farmable.

In my opinion Thousand Needles has the most Stranglekelp available, surprisingly, because the whole zone is underwater!

To be able to gather Stranglekelp, you need 85 skill in Herbalism.

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Here's my Top-5 zones for Stranglekelp farming:
  • Thousand Needles
  • Westfall
  • The Cape of Stranglethorn
  • Western Plaguelands
  • Wetlands
To see where they are located, click this wowhead link and then the zone of your choice.

 Farming Cataclysm Stranglekelp

Don't underestimate their value
How much a stack sells for is hard to say. But they are valuable! On some realms they don't go for more than a couple of gold, while on the other realm they go for 40g EACH. Like I mentioned, they are essential in alchemy and people need to get past the Stranglekelp phase. Each alchemist needs approximately two stacks of these if they want some fast skill ups.

Because they are in low supply 24/7, it's a safe bet to monopolize this herb on most realms.
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Greygamer said...

There is a much more efficient way to do this.
I discovered this while researching for my gold guide (still a work in progress).

Get the quest Down in the Deeps (don't complete it though), you will need to complete a small quest chain that starts at Mudsprocket to unlock it. This gives you the Thermohydratic Flippers buff which allows you to run or ride a mount on the bottom of the underwater area at the normal movement rates. This makes the whole process very much quicker, I averaged 14 stacks/hour this way.

Not much use if you have already completed that quest unfortunately, so be warned.

This is also a great spot to mine mithril, the bars sell for a nice amount on my realm. Great spot if you have mining and herbalism :D

Kuja said...


WoW! That sounds nice indeed! :) Glad I haven't done a single quest there. Sounds like it's definitely worth a shot!

Thanks for the valuable comment.

Kuja said...

Oh, and if your gold guide will contain tricks like that, you're allowed to link it here :) I for one will definitely check it out.