Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gold Guide | WOTLK Elements - Eternal Earth

I've noticed most of Wrath elements (Eternal, Crystallized) have had their price increased dramatically. Nowadays when I do a search, there are 0-6 of each Eternals available usually, and the prices may have even 3 digits in them. If you like to farm, you should definitely check your realm's prices! This post focuses on Eternal Earth, which seems to be the least farmed at least on my realms.

gold farming eternals

Grinding and Mining Eternal Earth
Crystallized Earth can be either farmed by killing monsters or mined from ore deposits all over Northrend.

10 Crystallized Earth can be combined into one Eternal Earth. These are still needed by many professions and when people are leveling past this point, they are often prepared to spend a lot of coin. The price is bouncing a lot atm. I've seen them sell for 10g-300g usually. If there's less available, you can sell them for crazy amounts of gold, until someone undercuts you.

If the price is less than 30g, I would choose to wait until there's less available.

The Goblin's Way
If you do not enjoy flying around, you can attempt to relist the eternals from the Auction House if there's only a couple available and the price is not too heavy. When relisting, don't forget to add a zero to the sum and see how it works out! c:

Don't forget to check the price of Crystallized Earth and see if 10 costs less than one Eternal Earth!

These are the best monsters that should be farmed for Crystallized Earth. Click on a name to see where they spawn and any tips from other users.

Crystallized Earth, along with many others can be mined from Cobalt, Saronite and Tit nodes. It does not matter where you farm, but the higher level zones are often more favored due to the increase in Titanium spawns.

When mining, you will not only make gold from the Crystallized elements, but also from ore and bars. See what is more valuable before you decide to smelt anything.

Best zones for mining eternals:
  • Wintergrasp
  • Icecrown
  • Storm Peaks

If you are not sure where the deposits spawn, download the addons Gathermate2 and Routes. If you need any help with setting up a farming/mining route or you have a better zone suggestion, leave a comment.
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