Monday, November 21, 2011

Fast Gold | Raptor Nests: Darting Hatchling - WoW Gold Guide

When I published the huge vanity pet map, I promised to dedicate invidual posts to some of the more worthwhile pets found on the map, or those that aren't even included. Raptor Nests are one of these. They are fast to look out for and the pets found in these often sell fast too.

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The Fastest of Them All
While Darting Hatchling is not as expensive as the previous hatchling, it's a good gold maker also. Mainly because it has a unique idle animation (runs around).

how to make goldThere's usually 1-3 Darting Hatchlings for sale on my realm, so the price is not that high and it's risky to monopolize this pet. I've never managed to sell one for more than 600g, but on a smaller realm it may be possible to even double that. Wowhead's average price for the pet is 260g.

Considering how fast you can obtain this pet, it's not a bad amount of gold. There's lots of pet collectors in the game so pets usually sell fast too.

These Raptor Nests should be checked at least once per day, more if you didn't find some of the eggs on your first visit.

Spawn points!
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Dustwallow Marsh
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Dart's nest Can be found in Dustwallow Marsh and I've seen it spawn in 5 different places. See the map for some ideas! For exact coordinates, visit the nest's own wowhead page here.

These nests usually respawn every 1-4 hours, sometimes sooner.

After checking this nest out, be sure to click on some other hatchling below and check that one out aswell!

All revealed raptor nests

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Veilor said...

Hi, I have to say I like your guides and go on this site once every day to see if something's been posted, great job!

1. I haven't, but then again I haven't committed myself 100% to the gold making or farmed that much. I have tried some guides and made some gold. I also only have one lvl 85 with Enchanting and Herbalism and I can't bother leveling something else atm.

2. More often would be cool, but there's obviously not easy finding and writing guides all the time. But whatever is good =)

3. So far I am, the only problem I have is that on my server. Everything you list as selling for a lot goes for much much lower. (I did get some when Crusader came back, thanks for that!)

4.I really don't know.. most guides aim to get gold in the game and you try your best to get some tips out there.

One thing I've thought about is, what if the prices for the Cata enchant mats increses when 4.3 gets live, seeing as a lot of people will be enchanting gear again? Atm it sells for like 1g per dust on my realm.

Kuja said...

Thanks for the feedback! =)

I don't usually list stuff that works only for a while, like stockpiling.

There's many gold bloggers that write about stockpiling for patches actively.

But the main items that will be more expensive when 4.3 hits is the basic Cata trade goods. Embersilk, Maelstroms, Volatiles, Ores and Leather etc.

There usually isn't a big spike in dust prices from my experience, but essences can raise in value, depending on how many there are available.

Enchant scrolls on the other hand will sell faster, so I'd focus on them instead of raw enchant mats.

Keep in mind that all realms are different and prices vary a lot. =)

LAS said...

Every time I read your blog I learn something. I especially appreciate how you describe a technique, give your own experiences, and usually give the average gold price across servers. Your writing makes me feel like you are talking to me as another player, and just sharing tips. I like that.