Tuesday, November 22, 2011

AH Guide | Lifelike Mechanical Toad - WoW Gold Guide

More valuable pets! Mechanical Toad is a bit more rare than the previous pet, even though it's created by engineers. However, you do not need to have engineering to make gold with this!

Schematic needed!
Lifelike Mechanical Toad companion pet can be learned from a BOE low level schematic. It's a world drop so there's no point farming it by killing stuff. Your best bet is to check if someone is selling it in the Auction House for a low price. Not everyone knows how valuable the schematic is, so it's possible there's one for sale even now, for less than 100g. Better go check it out!

I've usually spotted 2 schematics every month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Realm size has a big impact on this.

If you want try your luck farming the schematic it instead, level 50-59 monsters, preferably dungeons are your best choice. Here's the top zones where it's been dropping. They are huge, there's lots of monsters around and while unlikely, everyone has a chance of dropping a schematic. Who knows what kind of schematic it will be!
  • Blackrock Spire
  • Blackrock Depths
It's always worth it to give these zones a few tries. You won't be finding the schematic unless you are very lucky, but there's lots of other ways to make gold in these zones aswell. More info on dungeon farming can be found by following the loot hunters' tips, or just click on the Instance Farming category!

Learn it or sell it?
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The schematic's average price is 1200g, but I've seen it sell for far more than that. I even bought one for 10k once when I had an urgent need for it. It has paid itself back multiple times by now, so it's definitely worth the investment if you want to learn it.

The mechanical toads on the other hand are a bit trickier. If there's no engineers on your realm that sell these actively, a toad can very well sell for even 1-2k, just like wooden frogs which look identical. However, most players aren't patient and sell these for 100-200g instead. Just hope your realm doesn't have impatient engineers, as there's no point buying them and relisting if there's more coming. =)

Learn the schematic if.. You have engineering and there's no robot frogs in the auction house.

Sell the schematic if.. You have engineering and there's more than 2 robot frogs in the auction house.
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Greygamer said...

One of these just hopped up on to my AH, at just under 14k! The pet sells for around 120g. You would have to see a lot of toads for this to make sense.

Anonymous said...

Pets 120g on my realm too, schematic is 10k, think I will give this one a miss.

Gold Machine said...

A MUST for completionists. I recently sold this on my server for 16k. Via a side deal, not on AH.

Gold Machine said...

a MUST for completionists. Recently sold on Tanaris for 16k via Barking in trade.