Sunday, November 6, 2011

4.3 & Darkmoon Faire Gold Making - WoW Gold Guide

The new and improved Darkmoon Faire is almost here! Usually when things get revamped, some old items or features become forgotten, either by mistake or on purpose. One of these examples that are related to gold making would be the Crusader incident.

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Silly profits!
This post assumes that Flik the Frog Vendor will be lost to time when 4.3 arrives, or at least some of the pets he is selling. If not for good, then for a while at least. Blizzard rarely pays attention to old stuff, and focuses on new and exciting things when it comes to updating stuff.

Even if Flik stays unaffected and the pets are still for sale then and stay in limited quantity, there's lots of gold to be made if you followed the latest Darkmoon Faire gold making trick. Even if Wood Frogs become unlimited because there's more pets to be included this time around, they're still profitable to be listed in the Auction House.

For a while now I've seen Wood Frogs sell for anywhere between 1000-3000g when Darkmoon Faire is not available and especially if it was located next to the opposite faction, except the occasional 30g frogs sold by Donald. If they are no longer for sale after 4.3, their value goes up even more.

Because Darkmoon Faire arrived today and is currently located outside Shattrath, it would be wise to buy a few of these this week and see what happens. After all, they cost only 1g a piece. Flik's restock timer seems to be 5-30 minutes.

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Saffronia said...

Flik has the tree frogs and is/was running around Darkmoon Faire on the ptr yesterday.

Kuja said...

Thanks for the comment! If the wood frogs are still limited, they should be a good source for gold nevertheless.