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Valuable Loot | Schematic: Crashin' Thrashin' Robot - WoW Gold Guide

It's been a while since I listed a valuable item here. That said, it's time for the fourth super valuable item you may come across during your journeys. You may even have sold one for a few hundred gold pieces like any other green "worthless" recipe. But not this time!

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Best farming spot: Your local Auction House!
Two routes, which one to pick?
Like all rare recipes, Schematic: Crashin' Thrashin' Robot should not be farmed. It's an incredibly low drop (0.02% ish) from almost all level 70 TBC elites. However, there's usually one or two in the Auction Houses every month, and you might just get lucky when you check the recipes category next time.

Minor assembly required.
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The point is, often those sellers have no idea how valuable these rare recipes are. For example, I've snatched 4 of these schematics in the past months for as little as 100g each. A junk collector/fanatic engineer might pay even 10k for a recipe like this. However, finding such a collector is not easy and you should be prepared for a long wait. At least the deposit fee is not high!

You should also not underestimate the power of the trade chat. Your schematic can rot in the auction house for a month, or you could find a buyer instantly if you advertise in the trade chat. Just be prepared for some haggling!

To find more items that you should check everytime you visit the auction house, click on the Valuable Loot category on the left.

But I'm feeling lucky!
If you want to test your luck, there is no best grinding spot for this schematic. Your best choice is a instance with a LOT of level 70 elites. One of these would be Karazhan or Heroic Shattered Halls. Hyjal raid is also showing a spike in the drop rate, so might want to start there.

Just remember, the drop rate is almost non-existent. c:

Loot Hunter update:

My treasure hunting guide is now 50% cheaper! If you haven't tried it yet, you might want to give it a go incase the price goes back to normal again.

Not sure what it's about? Loot Hunter is a leveling/gold making guide that, unlike other guides, does not depend on questing or killing worthless monsters. Treasure hunting is everything you will need, starting from level 1 and all the way to 85.
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