Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tailoring Guide | Netherweave bags - WoW Gold Guide

I mentioned this method in a "how to play the auction house" guide a few months ago, but after seeing only a handful of people making use of this, I guess it deserves a post of it's own so people can spot it better!

tailoring gold guide

Cheap mats, quick sales and big profits!
Almost all bags are profitable to make, but Netherweave Bags have been exceptionally profitable for a long while now. They also require only 315 skill in tailoring.

To put it simple, you need one stack of Netherweave cloth to create a Netherweave bag. Then just turn the cloth into bolts. Oh, and you also need a Rune Thread from a vendor.

The said cloth is extremely cheap on almost every realm, starting from 2g a stack and rarely going over 15g. The bags, however, sell for 25-50g most of the time. I've sold many for even 100g each if I've been the only seller.

Everyone needs bags
There's so many new alts/mains every day so you will usually find a buyer for your bags withing a few hours, depending on your realm population. Netherweave bags seem to sell the fastest. They're cheap when compared to others and offer more than enough slots for any leveling toon.

And some people need bolts!
Alternatively, you can sell the Netherweave Bolts instead of making bags. Usually a bolt costs about 1.5g to make, yet they sell for 2.5-12g each! To make the most gold, best approach would be to keep the Auction House full of both bags and bolts.
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Shamaenei said...

The only downside is the time investment and the heavy undercutting. If you're fine with the time investment because you afk a lot it's a fine gold maker. The bags are sure to sell overnight.