Friday, October 28, 2011

Mists of Pandaria Gold Making - WoW Gold Guide

WoW's next expansion may still be months away, but if you want to make the most gold when it gets released, it would be wise to start preparing for it.. today! If you are unfamiliar with the MOP features, perhaps you should check the official site first. I'll try to keep the guide focused on gold making only.

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Some items will be a LOT more valuable than they are today
There are multiple item types that always become more valuable when a new race/class is unleashed. However, this time there's both a new race AND a class incoming. That means only one thing, double the profits!

Previously people would mainly stockpile cloth and other tradegoods for new races and classes, but this time there's a lot more potential! Perhaps the most valuable items will be the "non-combat" pets. Not just the new ones, but all the current pets. That means you can start gathering them even now.

To get the most gold, it's recommended that you obtain one of each type. There's no harm done if you list them in the AH even today. Most pet collectors are already aware of the upcoming MOP features, and are ready to pay.

If you do not wish to list them in the AH right away, it's safe to skip all pets that can be purchased from a vendor, for now. Those can all be obtained on the last day.

Gotta sell 'em all!
There are hundreds of pets out there currently, so if you want to obtain one of each type, it may take some time. It's recommended to start the farming as soon as possible. Some of the more rare pets will have their price increased by even 400%. They look awesome, they are extremely rare and everyone wants to show them off in combat. Yet there's almost never one for sale!

Keep in mind though that we don't know how many cool new pets Mists of Pandaria will bring. They may kill all current rare pets by just looking at them!

To see where most pets can be found, visit the link below. It does not include craftable pets and those that were released after the post was made, so do not miss those. There will be more competition though so there's no need to rush.

You can check the pet locations here: Pets that will make you a fortune

There's more gold to be made!
I will be posting more in-depth Mists of Pandaria gold tips before it is launched so you can get rich right after it is launched. But for now, there's still time to focus on other methods instead.

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