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Low Level Gold Making | Easy Gold for the aspiring Blood Elf

Many think Ghostlands has nothing to offer when compared to other zones. I too think so when you take it's objects into account, such as treasure chests. Other zones have treasures that even award experience when interacted with and offers slightly better loot aswell.

low level gold guide
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So how to make gold there then? ٩๏̯͡๏)۶
I can think of 3 "unique" ways. If you can come up with more, do leave a comment!

1) Dr. Whitherlimb
Dr. Whitherlimb says: It is very kind of you to donate your organs!
This is a rare spawn (Level 18) that can spawn in any of the highlighted ziggurats. Respawn time varies between 30-120 min usually. What makes him so special? He drops 3 unique items. They're not epic, or even blue, but they are still valuable-ish..! Being unique, these items cannot be obtained from anywhere else. Some of the items have wicked looks also, so anyone wanting to "cosplay" the butcher from Scholomance would be interested in the cleaver at least.

Wowhead suggests a price of 1-2g per item, but I would add a zero or two to the price just because I know someone will buy them eventually. And to make the most gold, one has to be patient! c:

Unique loot:
Spawn locations:
how to make gold at low levels

2) Large Battered Chests

These are pre-cata instance-quality chests. They contain better loot than the other chests of the same level, but still crap when compared to higher level chests.

They contain low level trade goods usually, which is always a good gold maker!

Spawn locations shamelessly taken from wowhead:

easy gold at low levels

3) Rathis Tomber <Trade Supplies>

Afaik this is the only vendor that sells raw ore. It's only low level stuff like Copper and Tin, but also Silver ore! That should sell for quite a bit usually, especially when it's raw ore.

But that's not all! He also sells herbs and scrolls. Scrolls are quite useless though, but some herbs are valuable.

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Lios said...

What also works wonders, is killing the dragonhawks for their small eggs. These eggs go for 80s-1g a piece and are incredibly easy to farm. Sell a few stacks and you got your starter money for a thriving AH business :)

Kuja said...

You are correct! Especially if it's Winter veil or Children's week. Then those eggs are made of gold c: