Monday, October 3, 2011

Herbalism Guide | Where to farm Netherbloom? - WoW Gold Guide

Here's Netherbloom's own little gold making trick, like I promised in the previous gold making method! Know that it does not work on every realm. So, before you decide to try it out, check your local Netherbloom prices first!

Requires 350 Herbalism.

Very limited supply!
What makes Netherbloom pricey is it's availability. Only place to farm it effectively is Netherstorm, Outland. No surprises there! c:

A single Netherbloom node may contain any of the following:
Below is the most efficient farming route for Netherbloom. It goes through every known Netherbloom spawn point, meaning you will find 30-40 nodes per run usually. If you want the route to appear on your map, you need addons Gathermate2 and Routes.

Is it worth it?
It really depends on how many active Netherbloom sellers there are on your realm. For me, there are no active sellers. Just some random nabs selling 0-1 stacks at a time for silly prices, which I usually buy away from them. >:3

  • It's a slow seller.
  • Only 10 profession recipes require it.

  • It's usually very expensive!
  • Easy to farm. No competition!
  • Nodes contain Mana Motes!

    where to farm netherbloom

    Happy farming!

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