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Hallow's End gold guide and Maelstrom Shatter - WoW Gold Guide

There have been a few gold making questions floating around the upcoming Maelstrom Shatter spell and the usual "How to profit from Hallow's End?". There haven't been many seasonal Gold Making tricks here because more than often they are just not worth it in my opinion.

how to make gold

How to make gold with Hallow's End?
Hallow's end has quite a few gold making opportunities, but I haven't found any of them to be worth the time investment, so I haven't bothered to even mention them. However, there are gold making blogs out there that do list these methods in greater detail. If you are interested, just check out the blog roll. There's quite a few gold blogs out there. c:

These are the ways I can think of:
  • Sell wand charges.
  • Abuse the SM teleport and ninja the treasure chests after everyone has left.
  • Visit the candy buckets.
  • Do the new quests and dailies.
  • Sell some Arcane Powder and Crystal Vials.
  • Sell Jack-o'-Lanterns. Their price will be higher when Hallow's End has passed.

    Maelstrom Crystals worth stockpiling?
    With the Maelstrom Shatter spell around the corner, many people have questions whether it's worth or not to stockpile some cheap Maelstroms. In 4.3 it's possible to shatter a single Maelstrom into 2 x Heavenly Shard.

    Even if one Maelstrom sells for 60g and a Heavenly Shard 70g, it doesn't necessarily mean that the prices will stay the same after the spell goes live.

    People have been stockpiling Maelstroms since their prices dropped. Some people have thousands of these waiting for their value to go up.

    Soon less people will be running through ZA and ZG and even less people will find their way into Firelands. This means there will be a lot less Maelstroms available, at least for a while.

    The new Raid Finder is not a decent way to farm Maelstroms either, as there's always someone in the group that clicks on need, and after all, there's 24 players there with you.

    That said, it's risky to invest into Maelstroms. Some realms will just have too many people with banks full of them, making them sell for even less than currently. Some do not however and it wouldn't be surprising if their price would go up by even 200% on these realms.

    If you have the coin..
    Overall, it's very unlikely to not make any profit. There will eventually be too few Maelstroms around, making their prices even higher. If you have some in bank then, you're bound to make lots of gold. Even more if there's a Heavenly Shard shortage at any point.

    Personally I clear the the auction house only if the Maelstrom prices are less than 70g, but if you're feeling crazy enough, even a 100g maelstrom could be worth 200g in a month or two on some realms.

    What 4.3 brings remains uncertain for a while, so don't gamble if you can't afford to lose. c:
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