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Engineering Guide | Making gold with Choppers - WoW Gold Guide

Mounts are one of the most desired items in the game. If they are BOE, they deserve a gold making trick of their own. This method focuses on Mekgineer's Chopper and Mechano-Hog.

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Solo farming Ulduar
Chopper mount requires lots of valuable materials. That explains why these sell for even 20-30k in the auction house on some realms. The last 3 items in the list are either purchased from a vendor or salvaged from mechanical bosses inside Ulduar. To make the most gold, one should focus on farming the materials instead. It may take a long time if RNG does not favor you, but even if you choose to buy the materials from a vendor instead, you can still easily make 10k profit per chopper. You can also sell the parts in the Auction House if you do not want to create choppers.

The chopper recipes can be purchased from Horde Expedition Quartermasters or Alliance Vanguard Quartermasters.

You can MacGyver a chopper by combining the following items:

Salvage time!
All of the items (Except furs) can be salvaged from the bosses below. Keep in mind though that some bosses can prove difficult if you're not skilled/geared. Flame Leviathan however requires no skill at all, so you can salvage at least once per week.

Note that salvaging rare chopper pieces does not happen everytime. The chance is about 1-4% from my experience. But all bosses drop gold, give achievements, epics and possibly profession recipes. So even if you don't find one of the required materials, it's still fun and profitable to destroy these!

Protip: You do not need to solo here. Just make sure the people you're going with do not have engineering, so you can do the salvaging!

The following Ulduar bosses can be salvaged for the above materials:

How to solo Flame Leviathan +3 Towers

How to solo XT-002 Deconstructor

How to solo Mimiron

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