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Alchemy Guide | Potion of Illusion - WoW Gold Guide

In my opinion Illusion Potions have been one of the best selling potions since the release of Cataclysm, and they still sell almost always without getting expired. Considering how cheap they are to make and how much they sell for, no Alchemist should ignore this gold making trick.

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It's good to be a Potion Master!
There's lots of bored people AFKing next to auction houses. 24/7. Perhaps they need to have some fun! Why not offer them some? But don't forget to advertise on the trade chat aswell! Not everyone stumbles upon the Auction House's potions category often.

Personally I sell Illusion Potions for 30-50g each and their average price is 20g ish according to wowhead. Sometimes people have no idea about their value and list them for as low as few gold pieces each. This is not a problem though.

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There's lots of fun to be had with Illusion Pots!
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It's a good idea to buy these even if it would be more profitable to make some from the raw materials yourself. In the end, you can sell these for way more than what you paid for them if you have patience. That is if the seller was not a hardcore alchemist who always keeps a few stacks of these available for silly low prices.

There's surprisingly low amounts of undercutting though, so even with a higher price they sell almost always.

1-2 Illusion Potions can be created with the following:
  • Volatile Life x 3
  • Azshara's Veil
  • Crystal Vial
Alchemy needed: 460

Don't forget that Potion Masters can create even 5 additional items per craft, making the profits even bigger!

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