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Low Level WoW Gold Guide | Limited Supply Items in Eastern Kingdoms

Here's the long awaited Eastern Kingdoms trade supply run for some massive, yet easy gold! The Kalimdor Gold Making Trick was getting lonely! Also, this run is for horde only. Although some vendors are neutral.

Limited Supply Run in Eastern Kingdoms
** Horde edition **
The goal is to visit the following npcs and buy items that seem valuable, notably trade goods and profession recipes. Note that limited supply means it's not certain that a vendor has the items available when you visit them.

After that, visit the Auction House and list the items for sale. This time for little more, let's say 50-550g each. Some recipes sell for less than 10g though because they are so easily obtainable. Click on a name to see the locations!

It's recommended that you do this with a goblin so you get the exalted discount with all factions, even if you're not exalted!

Don't forget that Undercity was included in a previous post (Making Gold in Undercity), so it won't be included this time.

The zones are in no particular order, but for the fastest route it's recommended to start either from Silvermoon City or Stranglethorn Vale.

Trade goods like coal, spices and parchments can also be sold for a lot of profit, but I won't include those either.

Tirisfal Glades

Abigail Shiel
Recipe: Crispy Bat Wing

Werg Thickblade
Pattern: Stormshroud Pants
Pattern: Wicked Leather Gauntlets

Western Plaguelands

Magnus Frostwake
Plans: Storm Gauntlets

Eastern Plaguelands

Dorris Manchester
Red Fireworks Rocket

Jase Farlane
Design: Ring of Bitter Shadows


Sinister Scimitar
Throat Piercers

Master Chef Mouldier
Recipe: Bat Bites
Recipe: Crunchy Spider Surprise

Rathis Tomber
Lots of Ores & Herbs

Eversong Woods

Dragonhawk Pets

Recipe: Lynx Steak

Raelis Dawnstar
Mana Gathering Staff

Silvermoon City

Lots of Cloth

Red Fireworks Rocket

Formula: Large Prismatic Shard

Recipe: Transmute Primal Might
Recipe: Elixir of Camouflage
Lots of Herbs

The Hinterlands

Gigget Zipcoil
Pattern: Ironfeather Shoulders

Ruppo Zipcoil
Schematic: Mithril Dragonling

Hillsbrad Foothills

Recipe: Frost Oil

Christoph Jeffcoat
Pattern: Thick Murloc Armor
Recipe: Shadow Protection Potion

George Candarte
Pattern: Green Leather Armor

Harland Waldek
Blessed Claymore
Executioner's Sword

Kris Legace
Lots of green equipment

Mallen Swain
Pattern: Dark Silk Shirt

Lots of different greenies

Zan Shivsproket
Schematic: Gnomish Cloaking Device

Lots of yummy items!

Silverpine Forest

Andrea Boynton
Lots of Green equipment

Andrew Hilbert
Patterns & Recipes

Arathi Highlands

Dark Iron Entrepreneur
Lots of Green equipment

Pattern: Azure Silk Cloak

Designs, Patterns & Recipes

Pattern: Raptor Hide Harness


Lots of herbs

Twilight Highlands

Una Kobuna
Alchemy & Inscription goodies


Lots of engineering goodies

Blackrock Depths

Yuka Screwspigot
Schematic: Deadly Scope
Note: Next to the instance portal


Lots of goodies

Swamp of Sorrows

Formula: Enchant Bracer - Deflection

Recipe: Elixir of Demonslaying

Stranglethorn Vale

Blixrez Goodstitch
Pattern: Murloc Scale Bracers
Pattern: Thick Murloc Armor

Cowardly Crosby
Pattern: Admiral's Hat

Crazk Sparks
Schematic: Green Firework

Fargon Mortalak
Heavy Notched Belt

Glyx Brewright
Recipe: Frost Protection Potion
Recipe: Nature Protection Potion
Kuja's Gold Mine

Gnaz Blunderflame
Schematic: Mechanical Dragonling

Haren Kanmae
Dense Shortbow

Jaquilina Dramet
Midnight Axe
Plans: Massive Iron Axe

Daring Dirk
Plans: Hardened Iron Shortsword

Kelsey Yance
Lots of Cooking recipes

Kizz Bluntstrike
Green weapons

Knaz Blunderflame
Schematic: Deadly Scope

Mazk Snipeshot
Schematic: Accurate Scope

Mrs. Gant
Recipe: Undermine Clam Chowder

Parrot Cages
Pattern: Black Swashbuckler's Shirt

Design: Truesilver Crab


Green weapons
Plans: Massive Iron Axe

Xizk Goodstitch
Pattern: Enchanter's Cowl
Pattern: Crimson Silk Cowl

There are some gems in the list and they should not be missed. But to be sure, I will make invidual posts of the select few at a later date.

Oh, and this gold making guide contains 100 gold making tricks now. Yay! Hopefully you have made as much gold from the tricks as I have. I'll try to keep the next 100 methods top quality aswell.
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