Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Loot Hunters: Solo Farming Tempest Keep The Eye - WoW Gold Guide

This instance is a gold mine when compared to most other raids. The bosses are easy to solo and they drop lots of nice loot. A boss kill is usually worth 300g and there's 4 bosses here. But let's not forget the main source of gold, the trash!

Location: Netherstorm - Tempest Keep

farming instances the eye

It's all fun and games
Like most of the time, also here the trash is usually more valuable than the bosses. So there's no point skipping them.

Trash drops mainly the following things:
  • Gold
  • Netherweave Cloth
  • Patterns and Recipes
  • Marks of Illidari
  • Greenies
And bosses drop the following:
  • 250 gold
  • Epics
Overall it may not sound much, but when you put the loot into use by professions, it will generate a nice bit of gold. There's lots of different recipes dropping in the instance, and these sell for 500-3000g most of the time. I can usually find 2-4 recipes per run. They do not sell fast, but there's always collectors who want to learn every recipe there is. Also with the upcoming transmogrification feature, epic recipes offer unique looking gear most of the time.

Solo farming Ashes of Al'ar
All 4 bosses can be soloed by every class that has plenty of self heals. That is all except Magi. Last boss might be problematic for some classes, but there's tactics for everyone that makes the fight easy as pie. Mastering the encounter may require a couple of wipes though, but the effort is well worth it imo, as the last boss can drop the unique phoenix mount and no one will be rolling against you should it drop.

For tactics, visit:
- Wowhead
- Google

Making the loot more worthwhile!
Like always, you should never sell the trade goods/greenies you obtain if you want to make more gold. Instead turn them into something more valuable.
  • Netherweave cloth = Bags
  • Epic armor = Disenchant & Shatter. 
  • Epic weapons = Vendor
  • Greenies = Disenchant
This time I will not give any gold averages per run since they vary a lot between realms.

How to enter a raid instance without outside help!
It's a raid instance, so you need to form a raid group in order to enter.

While it would be faster to invite some random nubcake, I prefer this method as you don't need to rely on anybody else. If you play during odd hours, it might be impossible to find someone you could abuse or you might even get kicked out of the instance if for some reason the other user leaves the group and you get a dc.

It's quite simple:
  1. Enter Battle.net account management
  2. Create a new trial account under the same Battle.net account
  3. When you login, you get to choose which WoW account you log into
  4. Log into your new account (wow2), create a toon and level it to 10 so you are eligible for raid groups. It's extremely fast even without heirlooms. Just do a couple of quests (*And check nearby treasure chest and rare monster spawn points. Each will give about 1000 exp at these levels, granting you easy level ups!)
  5. Open a new WoW window and login onto your main account (wow1) and reduce the other window's size a bit so it won't be so laggy
  6. Invite your slave character into a group and convert into a raid!
  7. Close the other window and start raiding!
Protip: Trial accounts do not expire anylonger so you can still login onto your slave toon at any point you wish, even after 14 days.

*: I will release a Treasure Hunting guide at some point that focuses on hunting chests and rare monsters for some yummy exp and gold, instead of your regular questing guide!

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Lars Norberg said...

You can use this chat command to activate raids from level 1, so you don't have to level the new char all the way to level 10. I've used it to solofarm Molten Core for my Hydraxian Waterlords reputation:

/run SetAllowLowLevelRaid(true)

I believe you have to type that command on the low level character, but I can't remember it 100%.

Kuja said...

That's useful. Didn't even know there's such a command. Thanks for posting about it :)

Ladyduffy24 said...

Hi. =)

I was looking to see what Patterns and Recipes dropped from The Eye but none are listed on wowhead. =( Can you give me some examples?

Kuja said...


Sure. Though the drop rates are way off!


Just click on a trash mob and see the drop tables :) Says most of them have a 0.01% chance to drop one, but it's more like 3% for most epic recipes.