Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How Chinese Gold Farmers Make Gold - Part 2 - Botanica

Ever wondered where gold sellers get their gold?
  • Hacked accounts
  • Botting/3rd party programs
  • Farming 24/7
These are their well known sources for gold. There may be more, but I'm not a gold seller myself so I can't give a more in depth insight.

Because this gold making guide focuses on methods that do not get you banned and can be done solo, I will have to see if good amounts of gold can be made without breaking any rules, but still taking advantage of their knowledge.

Location: Netherstorm

chinese gold farmers

Hacking? Nay. Botting? Nay. Farming? Yay!
Like noted in the first part, I've noticed many gold sellers like to spend their time farming Tempest Keep: Botanica (Normal).

But why Botanica and not Mechanar for example?

I've farmed them both a while now and the only difference in the loot is the herbs obtained from Botanica. (And less valuable Fel Armaments from Mechanar) Outland herbs are extremely valuable when compared to other herbs, so Botanica seems to be extremely profitable for all herbalists. Botanica is also a bit more linear and seems to take a little less time to clear it, but personally I run into the instance cap everytime in both of them, so at least for me it does not matter.

There are 9 herb spawn points and they can be anything from between Felweed and Netherbloom. One herb node can contain up to 8 herbs with the guild perk, so there's a lot of potential here, seeing Netherbloom stacks going for 250g currently on my first realm and 170g on second. However, there's an easier way to farm Netherbloom and I will post about it later on.

A run takes less than 10 minutes and in that time I kill everything that moves and pick up all herbs that I find. Some people ignore trash mobs and focus on bosses, which is not a very good deal in a instance like Botanica.

Meowth wrote an excellent tip on how to make even more gold while in Botanica!
  1. Put the instance on Heroic mode.
  2. Run towards the last boss and exit.
  3. Aggro all trash mobs on the way.
  4. Ignore all bosses.
  5. Exit the instance, reset and repeat.
Heroic trash has even better loot tables than the regular trash does, meaning you can potentially double your income this way.

Here's the valuable items you can expect to find while in Botanica!
  • Netherweave Cloth
  • Arcane Dust (Enchanting)
  • Greater Planar Essences (Enchanting)
  • Outland herbs (Herbalism)
  • Arcane Tomes
  • Sunfury Signets
  • Extremely valuable BOE recipes
All of them are valuable, especially if you have the professions to make some of them even more valuable. Mainly the cloth and enchanting materials can be made into something more valuable, but it really depends on your realm.

Nearest repair/vendor: Cosmowrench, small goblin outpost just outside the instance.

So how much gold was found?
chinese gold farmingThere's really no point in giving estimates, as RNG plays a big part on what you will find. But a typical 10 minute run nets you about 300-600g guaranteed if you have herbalism and outland herbs are valuable on your realm. Enchanting and Tailoring is also needed but not on the same toon. If you find something more valuable, like a recipe, you can add a zero to the sum! :)

However, in some cases even 1500g per run is possible, without any rare drops. For example, I have sold a load of Arcane Tomes 100g each and Sunfury Signets 5g each, not to mention the high price on end game TBC herbs!

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Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!


meowth said...

nice post i think the big part you are missing though is the fact in botanica you can do the entire instance on heroic without touching a single boss then go outside and reset and the farmers have their bots set up to do this over and over all day long

Spitt said...

You got a bit of the gold farming techniques down, but you got one wrong as well.

+ Herb and Ore farming is a big one.
+ Hack farming. When you can instantly move out of reach of a mob, it's easy to kite them, even bosses.
- 24 hour farming. They can actually only do about 14 hours max per day.

btw... I hate botters and stolen account gold farming too. I highly recommend you read this guide to learn how to avoid getting your account stolen - http://rpg-exploiters.com/guides-strategies/system-protection-use-it-or-lose-it/

Kuja said...


That's a good idea! The trash is indeed more valuable than the bosses, especially on heroic. Should be profitable even without bots.

But it does not explain why most gold sellers have crazy amount of Warp Splinter kills.

Kuja said...


Thanks for the info! I didn't know they have time limitations. Though I'm sure they switch accounts or realms when this supposed time limit hits.

Mikal said...

I read both of these series, at work on my phone, and they were awesome.
This was a good read, plus the comments were awesome. Keep up hte good work.

P.S. Fan of instance farming myself.