Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gold Guide for the Lazy | Halaa Disenchant Trick

Most veteran players know about this method already, but if you have joined the game after TBC, you might want to take a look if Halaa is often controlled by your faction.

One perform takes about 40 seconds and in that time I can usually turn 6 into 85 . This can be done about 45 times in a day.

fast gold

Camping in Halaa
The idea is simple and takes a very small amount of time. Halaa is a small pvp village in Nagrand (Outland) and it needs to be controlled by your faction so you can access the vendors there. One of these vendors, the Blade Merchant sells green quality throwing weapons that can be disechanted for quite a bit of profit, but only if Planar Essences are valuable on your realm.

Useful stuff:
  • Enchanting (275)
  • Halaa under your control
  • Bountiful Bags perk

Blade Merchants
Aldraan (A) / Coreiel (H)

Items to buy: Avenging Blades / The Sharp Cookies
The goal is to buy all the throwing weapons the blade merchant is selling, and disenchant them. The vendors have 3 available most of the time and each cost about 2g. One disenchants into 1-5 Planar Essences or 2-6 Arcane Dusts. You might get some Prismatic Shards aswell if you're unlucky.

Protip: They are BOP

The restock timer is 30 ish minutes usually, so it's wise to park your enchanter here and log onto it again after a hour has passed. If your faction has lost control of the village, it's quite easy to retake it if you are higher level.

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