Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Low Level WoW Gold Guide | Essence of Undeath

Here's an another classic Essence that might be a gold mine on some realms. It's still needed by many professions and the only way to obtain them is to kill level 38-60 undead creatures. That means there won't be a lot of them available and the price is often very high! (At least after some relisting!)

low level gold guide

To Farm or Not to Farm
Like all essences, this one also has a low drop rate. Thankfully for the non-farming types there's usually a faster way to obtain these! From my experience 90% of players don't either know the value of these or lack the patience to reap the most gold of them.

That said, almost every day someone posts one or two for as little as 3g each, while I've resold some for even 500g each! Not many are prepared to pay that much, so I usually keep the price at around 150-250g to make them sell a bit faster, depending on the competition and if it's profitable to buy the undercutting ones out.

The way of Farming
According to wowhead, these have 1-5% chance to drop from different undead monsters. That means you could spend 30 minutes farming stuff and not get a single drop. While on the other hand you can see even 4 drop in a row. This makes farming less effective than Auction House in my opinion.

However, if you choose the right spot to farm these, you can possibly make even more gold from other drops!

wow low level gold making

Almost every monster in Scholomance has a chance of dropping these, and there's a lot of them. Personally I find this the most effective farming spot. A tank class can easily pull the whole instance with one pull, making the farming not only fun, but extremely fast. Though the looting will take more time than the run itself!

Other loot to be found: Small Radiant Shards, Silk and Mageweave Cloth, Dark Runes, Rare Recipes

Strat takes a little longer than Scholo, but is also quite efficient as all of it's residents are now undead.

Other loot to be found: Large Radiant Shards, Mageweave Cloth, Righteous Orbs

Farming Outside
There's numerous other monsters that drop Undeath Essences. For a complete list, click here. See the comments section there aswell if others have secrets to share! Here are some of the best farming spots.

how to make gold at low levels
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Azz said...

Interesting post, as I have ran both of those instances for various items and mats many times, but never for the EoU. That said, I have probably sold it for 3g :). As I look at TUJ, the range is 15s to 7g per. Over the last two weeks, the highest price sold is 10g. Not sure who you are selling it to for 250g, but not on my server. Another example of each server is different.

Keep up the posts.

Kuja said...

Correct! That's one of the reasons I posted this. Lot's of gold to be made if you buy the cheap ones and relist them. They are rare enough.

Today I found 4 more for 30g ish only. Dirt cheap! Even some of the enchants I can make with them are worth 20x more atm.

Wowhead's price average is 6g too. An excellent item to monopolize.