Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gold Farming | Make Gold with Elemental Earth

Many of the classic Elemental <element> items are much more valuable these days. From my experience Elemental Earth has been selling the most in the past 30 days, yet there's never a lot of them available. This means only one thing: Lots of gold to be made!

Choosing the best farming location
There's lots of mobs that drop these. However, there's one specific spot that has made me the most gold and it can also be combined with elemental air farming if you run out of mobs to kill. Lots of air elementals just next to the earth elementals!

Silithus (Level 55)
wow gold farmingDesert Rumbler
Drops: Elemental Earth (9%), Core of Earth (7%), Essence of Earth (5%)

All of the loot sell for quite a bit usually, except Essence of Earth. I've seen the other two items sell for 20-300g each on multiple occasions, while Essence of earth stays at around 2-5g.

Protip: Do yourself a favor and check your realm's prices before choosing what to farm!

Offtopic: Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been busy destroying zombies. <3
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