Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Free Mounts | Blue Proto-Drake - WoW Gold Guide

There's a lot of cool looking mounts in the game that are rare but still quite easily obtained, even when in solo mode. Blue Proto-Drake is also still useful because unlike the mammoth, this one can fly.

It's also a bit more rare as I have seen no more than a few people flying this in the past weeks. This time you will be getting a lot of gold while farming this aswell (assuming you will clear the whole instance), especially if frostweave is valuable on your realm!

free epic mount
Image credit: JessMage
fast epic mount
Utgarde Pinnacle (80) - Heroic

Location: Howling Fjord

This method is better than the last one in my opinion, mainly because...
  1. You will be getting a lot more gold here!
  2. You don't need to be in a raid group!
  3. You can do it every day, not every week!
Like always, the drop chances of a mount is low. You can get it from the first kill or on the 300th instead if RNG does not favor you.

Skadi the Ruthless
Notable loot: Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake (Heroic only, 1.6%)

The kill itself is trivial and any class can farm him, even magi. Do note that the mount drops in heroic mode only, and thus the boss can be killed only once in a day.

Your sources of gold while here are mainly:
  • Coin drops
  • Frostweave
  • Greenies
Frostweave is extremely valuable because tailors need a boatload of it and there's never enough of it. A stack selling for 50-120g is normal on most realms. There is no point turning them into bags or other items in this case. Just sell them as they are!

Like always, greenies should be disenchanted. In this case blue items should be vendored if Dream Shards are not valuable on your realm. The BOE blues from here are useless also because Cataclysm greenies are way better.

Call to Arms - The alternative way
If you are a healer or a tank, you can queue for randoms when call to arms is available. Loot bags from completed runs may contain this mount also!

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scottiegazelle said...

I had a friend who ran this almost every day in Wrath. He would assemble five people and do it. He finally got it about a month ago...he hates RNG.

That said - remember, you can run past the first boss (floating chick) and not trigger the orbs on the second, so Skadi is the only one you have to do, if you only want the mount.