Sunday, August 21, 2011

Professional Gold Making | Arcanite Bars, Converters and Crystals

Engineers can create valuable items that are expensive, yet cheap to make if we take a look at the average prices between realms.

Here's a good example: Delicate Arcanite Converter.

Personally I haven't seen anyone selling these for months. These cost about 5g to make and can be sold even for 50-500g. If you want to sell them the fastest, I'd keep the price at around 150-200g each.

Alchemy is essential
The schematic cannot be learned from a trainer, but instead you must buy it from a vendor in Winterspring. If you don't have engineering, you can sell the schematic instead for about the same price as a converter goes.

Starting with materials:
These 2 are transmuted into an Arcanite Bar by Alchemists.

For the Delicate Arcanite Converter you need:
This is made by Engineers.

There's more profit to be made!
As you can see, buying Arcanite Bars from the AH is not always very wise, so you should look for an Alchemist who can create some for you.

Selling these along with the converters can make some nice gold often!

Arcane Crystals too expensive? Worry not!
If Arcane Crystals have crazy prices too, perhaps it would be more wise to go farming some of them instead! For this you need Mining. Arcane Crystals are found along with Thorium Ore, from Thorium nodes in high level vanilla zones.

This way you can make even more gold, perhaps thousands in a hour and more if you turn a few of them into Delicates, half into Arcanite Bars and sell rest as they are! Not to mention Thorium Bars can be expensive too, along with the other gems you can find..


In conclusion, if items are too expensive:
- Mine Arcane Crystals
- Transmute most into Arcanite Bars
- Create Delicate Arcanite Converters
- Sell Arcane Crystals, Arcanite Bars and Delicate Arcanite Converters.

And if they are not expensive:
- Buy the materials
- Create and sell Delicate Arcanite Converters
Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!


Biggus said...

You say you haven't seen anyone selling Arcanite Converters in months. Then how do you know how much they can be sold for? How do you know that there are any potential buyers at all?

Kuja said...


That's correct. Almost everytime I list some in the AH, there's none for sale so I can choose their price freely. I've tried all kinds of sums between 20g and 1000g.

A desperate buyer that has lots of gold is ready to pay for whatever they need created if they don't know how to create the materials themselves.

From my experience 200-300g ish is best, but that's only for my realm. Everyone needs to experiment a bit to see what kind of sums people are ready to pay on their server. A big profit and it does not take forever to sell.