Monday, August 15, 2011

Valuable Loot | Orb of Deception - WoW Gold Guide

There's lots of valuable items in the game. Most of the time people don't recognize their true potential and sell them for incredibly low prices. Orb of Deception is one of these.

World drop items - How to obtain?
Orb of Deception is a rare drop from mainly level 50+ chests and a few rare monsters. There is no guarantee you will find one even after a week's farming, but the chances are there. Personally I've found one from a rare monster that I had to kill 15+ times and 2 from treasure chests in level 50+ zones.

You may also find clueless people selling these Orbs for less than 1000g. I highly recommend to resell them for 10x more!

Treasure Chests

You have about a 1% chance to get one from a treasure chest in high level vanilla zones. For more info about treasure hunting, click on the Treasure Hunt category.

Optimal zones:
- Blasted Lands
- Silithus
- Swamp of Sorrows
- Un'goro Crater
- Winterspring
- Burning Steppes


- Skarr the Broken in Feralas.  2% chance. 2-3h respawn timer.
- The Razza in Feralas. 2% chance. 2-3h respawn timer.

Many claim they no longer drop it but I can confirm that at least Skarr indeed does drop it. Also his updated loot table is based on his new levels and the Orb has made quite a few appearances. The other old arena rare, Razza, has also dropped it a few times but I haven't seen a drop personally yet. I can't see why they would have a different drop rate so I assume they are 1-2% ish both but the lack of data shows it as a smaller chance. They spawn next to each others so it won't take long to gank them both.

Also the end bosses in old raids (Not that there's many left with all the revamps going on) also have a 100% drop rate for a couple of blues, and Orb might just be one of them. For more info, check the dropped by list.

How valuable is valuable?
It really depends on your realm. If no one else is selling one, you have no limits. Personally I've sold one for 12k, 10k and 5k. Keep in mind though that it's a vanity item and no one "really" needs one.

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WorldofBlizzard said...

Before these went into the ultra rare range upon the release of 4.0 I stock piled 5 of them that I had purchased for about 500-1500g. So far I have sold 3 of them for 9999g since about a month into Cata. I have yet to see any others than mine be posted, likely because anyone who gets one assumes they are invaluable and equips them for the novelty value. Moral of the story, if you see one of these for under 5000g, snatch it up! There are huge profits to be made.

My Blog:

Kuja said...

That's nice! Stockpiling can be very profitable if you know what you are doing.

And nice to see a new blog rising! Sounds interesting, have to check it out later on.