Saturday, August 6, 2011

Molten Front dailies - How to make gold with Leatherworking

There is one specific Leatherworking pattern available from the Molten Front vendors that is quite a gold maker, even though many say it's not worth it because the material costs are heavy. That is one of the reasons I like this method, because everyone else thinks you can't make gold with it!

If you're not at skill 525 yet, there's extremely profitable 25 additional points to be gained aswell!

Leatherworking skill of 500 needed
The item in question is Triple-Reinforced Mining Bag, and it can be purchased from Ayla Shadowstorm after completing the "Filling the Moonwell" quest.

It's material costs are quite heavy:
  • 3 x Pristine Hide
  • 15 x Volatile Earth
Usually Pristine Hide sells for about 300g and Volatile Earth for 1g, making the materials cost a little over 900g. The bag will sell in 12 hours though, at least on high population realms even if you put a price tag of 1500g on it. 2000g attracts buyers also, but patience is needed if you're going over 1500g.

Note that if the materials are too expensive, you can't make gold with this method. Sometimes people can also undercut heavily. If that happens, it's better to wait until they've sold their products first.

There's lots of other patterns, recipes and schematics available from the vendors too that will make you quite a bit of gold! I will post more about these later on.
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Corey Regan said...

This doesnt sound right to me, the trend on this item is downward, the majority of listings in NA are under 1000g as low as 167g, the majority are 650-700g its only 4 slots larger than a mammoth mining bag which is typically a 300-350g bag with a low of 25g. I really don't think many people are not going to pay 1000-1500g for 4 extra slots.
Idis - Firetree

Kuja said...


I've sold quite a few already :) I create only one at a time so they look a bit more rare and I've never had to relist them either. I keep the price at around 1500g mostly, more if Pristines are more valuable than usually.

Last one sold today:

And if you're wondering what the super is, it's the super mana potion recipe that costs 1g on a vendor!

Creating 3 bags now, let's see if they appear less valuable then :)

Corey Regan said...

good point, if you are advising people on your server only but your are trying to advise people from many servers and the vast majority are selling this item for less than 1000g.
To try to prove your point based on 1 sale on 1 server is silly.

Kuja said...


I think I've sold 17 total. There's a hundred realms out there and obviously no method works on every single one of them.

I'm just one person, I don't get paid sharing my gold secrets and I don't even have time to level chars to 85 and test this out on every realm. :)

Are you suggesting I shouldn't post methods here that I haven't tested on many realms? :o

Corey Regan said...

middle section shows "other markets"

i'm just suggesting having a quick peek at other markets when making suggestions to a broad marketplace.

Kuja said...

Thanks for the link. The point of this blog though is to let you know how I'm getting to the gold cap on multiple characters. :)

And those characters are only on a few different realms, so no guarantees they can be done on other realms.