Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mining Gold Guide | Minitip - Smelting Obsidium - WoW Gold Guide

Usually metal bars are more expensive than the ore, even if you take into account how many ores a bar requires. In this example I use Obsidium Ore. As you can see, on my realm the prices are currently the following.

wow gold with mining

Every realm has different prices
At least the more popular realms have lots of mining bots posting stuff and they rarely smelt the ore into bars. Sure the obsidium prospectors need a boatload of ores everyday, but there's still more gold to be made if more of the ores were turned into bars.

Currently it costs less than 2g to make a bar and bars go for 3g. From my experience during weekends the prices are lower and during peak hours they are usually even higher, but obsidium ore stays low almost everytime. In other words, there's a lot of profit to be made!

  • Use 12 hour duration when posting bars. You will get undercut and the fees are often high!
  • You need 425 skill in mining to make use of this.
  • Try other ores aswell. Copper, Bronze, Cobalt and Saronite often have even higher profits!
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Unknown said...

I hardly ever wait until peak hours where things sell fast. I guess I hate holding onto things, even though they could be a higher price at a later time.

I recently tried this with copper ore/bars and netted 333g from them, so you're right, it is always best to check between the ores and the bars to make sure which one is going for the most. :]

Kuja said...

Yes, waiting is not always the best way to make the most gold. Often the fastest sellers reaps all the goldz, especially if you have more than just a few stacks available. :b

Copper ore is the best bet usually. For some reason a lot of the blacksmiths/miners/engineers never get past the copper point and will never need any tin. Or so I've experienced!

Greygamer said...

Just read this post and you are both right though you have to be careful. Fel Iron bars are often less than the 2 ore required to make them for example.

I have posted this tip on another blog...
those cheap tin bars ...make them into bronze bars.
Remember you get 2 bars for 1 copper & tin, something I think people often forget.
There is a good supply of tin bars because miners will smelt tin to level without gathering then dump the bars on the auction house at a fraction of the ore price.

I usually make 75%-95% profit doing this. Bronze bars are needed by 3 crafting professions and they need a lot!