Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Enchanting Guide | How to make gold without farming - WoW Gold Guide

If you're feeling lazy and heavenly shards are still expensive on your realm, you might want to check the AH for cheaper-than-a-heavenly blue quality items, as long as you have Enchanting available.

Getting rich by disenchanting stuff!
Some people don't have Enchanting or are not aware of the dust/shard/essence prices and have been selling Cataclysm blue items for crazy cheap recently. I've managed to snatch well over a hundred of them in a few days for as little as 30g each.

A heavenly shard still goes for even 120g during odd hours on my realm, so there's a possible profit of even 450g per item disenchanted, but that would require lucky procs from the guild perk bountiful bags.

Here's the most popular items people have been selling:

But there are hundreds more sold every day, so buy every level 82+ blue item that costs less than a heavenly shard. And make sure to be in a high level guild so you can get even 4 x Heavenly Shard per item disenchanted!

Heavenly shards not valuable on your realm?
There's lots of gold to be made by disenchanting older items also, but mainly from green quality items. To see an item's disenchant value in a tooltip, use an addon like Auctionator

Just select a category in the Auction House, like armor and sort the results from cheap to expensive. Then just mouseover cheap items and see their Disenchant value. If it's higher than the buyout price, buy it.

For example, if you paste this into the Auctionator's search field, it will list all armors from levels 1 to 85: Armor/1/85

I like this method mainly because it takes less than 5 minutes to do and requires no farming, yet it's extremely profitable. Though if I search for other than Cata items also, it takes a bit longer. I think I've made about 40k in 2 weeks just from disenchanting!
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