Saturday, August 13, 2011

How Chinese Gold Farmers Make Gold - Part 1 - Karazhan

If you've ever farmed Karazhan actively, you've most likely noticed multiple suspicious characters coming out of the instance and getting back in (usually through solid objects, shame on you gold sellers) in a quite repetitive manner. Ever wondered what they were up to?

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No hacks allowed!
Because I'm not a Chinese gold seller, I'm can't say my assumptions are 100% right. Hacks are included in what they do, but I'll give the approved by Blizzard way instead. Usually gold sellers use hacked accounts for this and automate the process with 3rd party programs. If you attempt this method and see this filth, you should report them right away!

Since I assume no hack can reset boss kills in a raid instance in the time they take to re-enter the instance, they have to focus on things that do not make you saved. There are no containers in the instance that would make you rich, so they must focus on NPCs. The first mobs that come to mind would be the non-elites in the ballroom and in Moroes' room. I would have guessed Philanthrophists near the opera area first if only they weren't nerfed in the past.

Killing these takes no longer than 7 minutes. Less if you're decently geared, more if your gear is crap. Looting takes longer than the killing though, as there's a LOT of them.

Ni hao
I gave it a try and cleared the first 2 rooms in Karazhan (Ballroom and Moroes' room) and left Moroes standing naturally so I won't get saved. It took about 16 minutes to do it two times on my tank toon that does not have epics.

Note that pro gold farmers sell their loot as it is and do not utilize professions like I do. They want the gold fast, even if it's ten times less than they would get with a small time investment.

Here's the loot I received! Prices are from my realm, not yours most likely!
  • 79 gold from silver drops
  • 29 gold from junk items like grays, potions and food
  • 8½ stacks of Netherweave Cloth, which I will turn into Netherweave Bags - 35g x 8 = 280g
  • 1 x Khorium Lockbox - Roughly worth 15g
  • 33 x Arcane Dust from greenies - Sells for 61g
  • 10 x Greater Planar Essence - Sells for 144g
  • 1 x Large Prismatic Shard - Sells for 4g
  • 38 x Soul Essence - Sells for 38g. These are rarely needed so it's safe to vendor them for a bit less.
  • 1 x Epic Plans (BOE) - Sells for 4000g - Because these rely purely on RNG, I shouldn't even mention this. But the fact remains, the more mobs you kill, the bigger chances you have of finding such items.
  • 1 x Darkmoon Card - Sells for 90g
As you can see, even without hacks you can still make as much gold as gold sellers. Mainly because they sell their loot "raw" and do not make their items more valuabe with a profession in most cases.

Nab farmer? Here be protips
- Loot faster! Turn on autolooting to make your gold making 3x faster
- Bags full? There's a vendor outside the instance and another one in the stables next to Midnight

Some of these bots had loot 25000g achievements and they haven't been level 80-85 for more than a week. After checking out what they have been up to, most of them had a crapload of Warp Splinter kills in Botanica for example, so I guess I'll have to take a look at that place next.

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Illtree said...

Just did some bot on my Ret pally. You can oneshot most mobs in there and make big pulls as well. Up to the second boss I made 50g in coin and grays. About two stacks of netherweave and 5-7 greens. Will update when I get back to computer with a full run list.

Kuja said...

Thanks for the data! Thought as much, same kind of drops there also. There's the heroic mode too though, have to check if it has lots of differences.

Illtree said...

Here is a full normal Bot clear data

Gold at start. 52g56c38c
Gold at end. 91g66s72c
Gold after grays. 162g 59s 14c

Other loot

60 netherweave cloth
28 Arcane Signet
1 Arcane Tome
6 Greens
1 oathkeeper
Various Potions
Purple Smoke Flare Schematic
Time 22 mins.

Will set to heroic and check that out. Might have to switch to prot. Also to note is that I am in fully crafted PvP gear and and low end weapon. So gear will greatly speed this up.

Illtree said...

Gold at start. 157g92s68c
Gold at end. 210g28s13c
Gold after grays. 282g43s8c (includes boss drops)

Other loot
Netherweave cloth 61
Sunfury Signet 38
Arcane Tome 3
Random Greens 7
Various Potions

The mobs did not do significantly more dmg. I took my time on pulls and it still only took me 24mins. Again I am totally undergeared compared to most. I will run this test again when I get some better gear.

Kuja said...

That's interesting! Arcane Tomes can sell for quite a bit sometimes. Don't forget to DE the greenies and ask for at least 5000g for the schematic. Takes a while to sell it, but some people like to have all the smoke flare colors. said...

I am a gold seller, not a gold farmer. There is a difference, but it's probably minor. We don't care where the gold comes from, but work as middle men instead. Most people won't pay for non-hacked/stolen gold, since the costs are much higher. People look for the cheapest gold, not the righteous gold (a company a few years back, tried to sell non-hacked, non-botted gold... didn't last long).

I am not going to tell you where they farm, since I honestly don't know that. However I do know that stolen accounts is what makes up the bulk of the gold sold. First a farmer goes in and cleans out all the inventory, and sometimes even what the character has on them. Sells it all and makes gold off that. Then if the account is naked (no armor/weapons) it's resold and then used to advertise within the game.

If on the other hand, it has basic gear, it's still resold, and then hack farmed. Hack gold farmers then use a fly or teleport hack to kite mobs and solo bosses.

The other way that gold farmers farm gold, are to bot. Usually, they won't even clear mobs, they simply use one of the automated programs to gather mines and herbs, and kill when necessary. I am sure you have heard of these types of bots. They run 10-12 hours a day.

By the way, your assumption that every gold farmer is Chinese, is incorrect. There are crews out of the former eastern block countries, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Russia as well.

Kuja said...

Thanks for the insightful comment! It's nice to hear from gold sellers aswell.

I'm aware that not every gold seller is from China, but it's just the general assumption people have because everytime someone tries to sell gold to you, they speak English very poorly and after doing a bit of research on the domain they are advertising, it often leads to Chinese origins.

And with all the recent news regarding Chinese convicts being forced to gold farming does not make a difference :P

Merry said...

Was this recently nerfed?

Kuja said...


Which part?