Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting rich with Primal Might - WoW Gold Guide

This method has been mentioned before on this guide in a bigger TBC compilation, but I still receive a few questions or comments about Primals and Alchemists. Apparently the last post wasn't clear enough, so here's a refreshment.

I'm still often the only person on my realm selling these, even though they are needed by many people. One sells for even 800g if there is no one else selling and someone needs them desperately. There is definitely room for more Alchemists doing this!

The materials are often very expensive though, so sometimes it will be more profitable to sell them as they are. Lucky transmute procs are not guaranteed. Thankfully the materials are easy to obtain by farming them.

Profession needed: Alchemy

Primal Gold!
Before turning any primals into anything, you should check the material costs. They are TBC items so their prices vary between 20g-300g most of the time. If each of the lesser primals sell for 300g, you'll make more gold selling them instead. It would be wise to farm them yourself. One primal takes less than 3 minutes to obtain, so it won't take long to get them all.

If you don't know where's the best place to farm them, check the previous Primal Might post.

Primal Might has simple material requirements:
  • 1 x Primal Earth
  • 1 x Primal Water
  • 1 x Primal Mana
  • 1 x Primal Air
  • 1 x Primal Fire
Remember that transmutation alchemists can get lucky procs and get even 5 items from one transmute.

Finding some recipes
If you don't have the recipe for Primal Might, you can buy it from Shattrath. The recipe is BOE and sells for 300+g in the auction house. It has a short restock timer on the vendor, so it's wise to buy 2 and sell the other one in the Auction House! And while in Shattrath, why not buy the schematic for white smoke flare also. It too sells for 300g often!

If you like it when the 600g coins drop into your mailbox from a simple method like that, you should take a look at this older post focusing on reselling Outland recipes. In other words, How to turn 200g into 3300g!
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