Saturday, August 27, 2011

Essence of Water Farming - WoW Gold Guide

If the following items are either in low supply or high prices on your realm, you might want to read forward!
  • Felcloth
  • Gromsblood
  • Globe of Water
  • Essence of Water
  • Elemental Water

essence of water farming

Camping & Farming
There are 2 valuable NPCs next to each other in southern Winterspring. These are Ice Avatars and a vendor named Vi'el. To see the exact location, click on a name.

Ice Avatar
Ice Avatars have a decent drop rate for Globes of Water. Globes of Water are needed in a good amount of profession recipes, one of these being the best enchant in slot for caster heirloom cloaks. Even better yet, these are needed to create very valuable companion pets (More on that next week!)

They also drop Essences of Water, which also are needed by professions and is often in low supply. Last, but not necessarily least, they drop Elemental Water. Some "Elemental (Element)" items are valuable, but water is not the most expensive one usually.

This little friendly imp sells some valuable items, mainly Gromsblood and Felcloth. I wouldn't bother with the other items he sells. He restocks usually every 10-30 minutes, so while farming the nearby elementals, check his items from time to time!

Low prices? Low supply?
Most vanilla trade goods are rarely seen in the Auction House in bigger quantities, but they will still generate gold for the patient seller as some professions require these, no matter how high the price is.

That said, if your Auction House has 7 Globes of Water for 2g each, it's very much recommended to buy them all and relist them.. with a few zeros added to the sum! This goes with every low supply item, but use caution when monopolizing items you are not familiar with.

Some prices for individual items I've used in the past weeks:

- Globe of Water - 250g
- Elemental Water - 3g
- Essence of Water - 250g
- Felcloth - 15g
- Gromsblood - 2g

Note that vanilla trade goods do not sell instantly. It often takes a couple of days for them to sell. More if you're getting undercut.
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Graidar said...

Remember that the essence of water can be transmuted to essence of air, which on our server goes for 200g compared to 20g for the waters. Add in the occasional proc (once had a 5 one) and you are talking about some serious gold for very little time.

Kuja said...

That's an extremely useful tip, Graidar. Transmuting other essences is profitable also, but Water to Air can be purchased from this npc: