Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alchemy Guide | Living Action Potions - WoW Gold Guide

Action potions are a rare sight in the Auction House, even though they are a lifesaver in certain situations. Personally I like to PVP mainly and they have saved my life more times than a healing/dps potion has. They are a slow seller though because almost no one knows about them, so you need to tell people about them if you want to make any sales.

PVPers will love you
Action potions are not needed by everybody. Mainly raiders and PVPers have use for these, but I've still made a huge pile of gold just from these. There's 2 different Action Potions available and they're almost similar, both works at level 85 too. The only difference is FAPs do not remove existing stun effects and slows, LAPs do. The material costs are almost the same, though funnily enough, usually the crappier pots are more expensive to make.

Free Action Potion
  • 2 x Blackmouth Oil
  • 1 x Stranglekelp
  • 1 x Crystal Vial
Learned from: Recipe

Living Action Potion
  • 2 x Icecap
  • 1 x Mountain Silversage
  • 1 x Crystal Vial
Learned from: Recipe

Note: The recipe is BOP
Tip: The vendor also sells invidual Living Potions, so even a non-alchemist can resell these for profit.

They are both decent gold makers, but personally I've made the most selling Living pots.

Trade chat is the key
Since most people don't even know that there's potions that make rogues' cheap shots go to waste, you need to advertise your potions a bit, mainly in the trade chat. Let people know what they do and why they should buy them.

"Need an extra life? Drink a [Living Action Potion] after that nasty rogue has done it from behind! 99g = 10 x [Living Action Potion]"

Example 2:
"Enjoy a {skull} [Living Action Potion] {skull} before that predictable paladin does his first move! 20 x [Living Action Potion] = 199g "

Remember to create a link for the items so people can click and see what they do. You can also choose to not include a price so you get more whispers and people wanting to negotiate the prices.
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