Sunday, July 10, 2011

Schematic: Purple Smoke Flare - WoW Gold Guide

If you like to level alts or farm instances, you're bound to find one, if not more of certain items that are a lot more valuable than they would appear to be. Most of the time people pass on these, sell them for ridiculously low prices or just vendor them, so clicking on need is highly recommended!

World drop items - How to obtain?
One of the most valuable Engineering Schematics is the one for the Purple Smoke Flare. It too is a random world drop, mainly obtained from TBC Heroics and Raids. But like all world drops, there is no point farming a instance just for the said item. The drop rates are ridiculously low! Click on the link to see exact drop rates.

You should also check your AH if someone does not know the value of this item and benefit from it. I've never witnessed this item drop, so I've had to hunt it in the AH instead. I've found this item for sale with a low price 2 times. Needless to say, I resold them both for about 24k g profit total!

This is a vanity item so only a collector would be interested in it. If it's a hardcore collector, it does not matter if you ask 5000g or 20000g for it, they are ready to pay. If it's the typical collector who would like to have it but does not want to pay too much, you will sell it faster if you keep the price at around 3000g.

Even then it may take months to sell it! But at least the deposit costs aren't high. I've sold only 2 since TBC was released and both took a long while to sell. If I recall right, one sold for about 5000g and the other for a whopping 19999g! If you want to sell it faster, trade chat would be a better option. I didn't use it however.

How valuable is valuable?
Most of the valuable items I will be listing here are worth 2-15k, sometimes more. They are mainly for collectors who want to learn every possible recipe in the game. That means you shouldn't expect these items to sell even in the first month. It may very well take even a few months to make one sell, depending on how much your are asking for it and if you focus on auction house only.

  •  If you create an interesting macro that advertises your rare loot, it will catch more eyes and sell a lot faster!
  •  You will be the only one selling these most of the time, so you get to pick the price!

I will create a similar gold making method containing a "junk" rare item once in a while, so stay tuned. Next item is a bit easier to obtain and also sell a LOT faster, yet still gives a nice chunk of gold!
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