Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Selling Sporeggar Reputation to Exalted - WoW Gold Guide

Many people are after the diplomat title + achi pet and perhaps most importantly reputation rewards that are available after reaching exalted with Sporeggar. Since exalted can be reached by turning in non-bop items, this will be a nice gold maker for those that want to put a little "effort" into it.

After a hour of performing this I can get about 3700g usually. I tend to sell the plants for 3000g and the rest comes from disenchanted greenies and prospected adamantite ore mainly.

Bring Me A Shrubbery!
You will need to focus on one item only: Sanguine Hibiscus. This is obtained from Underbog instance in Zangarmarsh. It's dropped by almost every mob in the instance and can also be picked up from the ground while there. Not even herbalism is required! They drop from both Normal and Heroic modes. The instance is easily soloed by a level 70+ person.

You can get around 30-70 Sanguines from one run if you loot every flower and kill all non-naga creatures. In less than two hours of farming you can obtain hundreds of them! Note that you can enter only 5 instances in a hour.

Felicia from wowhead has posted an excellent farming tip if you're not familiar with the instance. Check it out. There's even a map with the spawn points marked!

Got the flowers! Now what?
To sell them efficiently, create an interesting macro and sell your plants in the trade channel. No one will bump into them in the Auction House unless they're specifically looking for them. Here's an example macro! Use it as a template and modify to make it look nice enough for even yourself to "buy it".
WTS 260 x Sanguine Hibiscus - Enough to get you exalted
with Sporeggar! Get the Diplomat title + Sporeggar Tabard
and the Tiny Sporebat companion pet for only 4000g!
Check how much the flowers go for in the Auction House before deciding a price. Usually there's only a couple for sale so you can ask for thousands easily! You may also remove the price tag and let people give you offers so more people will whisper you in case the price is too much for them.

The amount of flowers is a little lower with the correct guild perk or human racial, so offer cheaper deals for guilded people or humans if you wish.

This is a nice gold maker in my opinion as it only takes a hour or two to get enough flowers, and you don't need to spam your macro long before a buyer is found. I'm always the only one selling these so I don't have any competition either.. yet!
Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!


Unknown said...

Nice idea, Kuja! Glad to see others coming up with creative barking macros as well.

One side note though: The lime green text on white background in the columns is very hard to read. There is even white text on the white background. (I'm on chrome)

Kuja said...

@Cold Thanks!

Hmm, that's odd. There should be no white backgrounds.

Here's what it looks like when I use Firefox or Chrome: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/269/chromec.jpg

Is anyone else seeing lime text on white background? Doesn't sound like a very pleasant color combination :P

Austacker said...

It still comes back to pure grinding though, so you'd have to calculate your TIME investment vs the payoff. 'A few hours' can be certainly spent more productively and yield more profitable results if you know what markets to tackle. I am still looking for a solution that can rival a full shuffle for reward/effort payoffs and whilst this option is great for those without a full shuffle team, for us older goblins, this will fall short of the mark.

But in terms of creative aspect, this can certainly be a decent earner for the new and/or aspiring goblin!

Kuja said...

@John Galt

That's correct! I can create products that are worth over 10000g in less than 5 minutes, but trying something new once or twice should only be fun!

I try to think of every possible player when creating tricks :)

Some people don't have professions or get ganked outdoors so one focusing entirerily on a instance should serve them well!

Matthew said...


As far as the background on the side columns. I wouldn't say it's hard to read, but if I were designing the page, I'd darken teh light grey to a darker grey to make it easier on the eyes.

Great tip though, something I'm gonna try sometime soon.

Kuja said...


Hmm. I guess the brightness depends on the monitor used to view the site and perhaps other settings aswell, so it should vary a lot between persons. But it's not complicated to make it a bit darker and should indeed make white text more visible then. I'll get onto it asap :)

Just wondering where Cold got the white background from! Only white background here is the comment box below, in my opinion.