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Loot Hunters: Sunwell Plateau Solo Farming

Sunwell Plateau still gives trouble for certain players, but if you know how to play and have good dps, there should be no problems! Bosses on the other hand may prove more difficult, but that does not matter. Today we're focusing only on Trash Farming!

Lootwell Plateau
In case you are wondering how trash farming could make you rich in a TBC instance, the answer is simple: BOE profession recipes!

These are Brutal Gladiator gear equivalent and the materials for them are often very easy to come across, so the profits are insane in most cases. In other words, level 70 PVE epics with proper gems that last all the way to 80. This is the point you must make when selling these items!

If you come across a recipe and can't learn it, you can still make loads of gold by selling the recipe. If it's good, people (especially collectors) are willing to pay even 10k for one recipe, especially if the gear has multiple sockets in it and the materials are not worth more than the item itself.

This time there is no point giving gold estimations from one run, because it varies between 200g to 30000g, depending on if RNG is in your favor.

But I can't kill any :(
If the trash proves too difficult for you and you can reset aggro (Feign Death, Vanish, Invisibility) and can stealth around, you may attempt sneaking to the first non-elite patrol. This mob can be one shotted and it drops loot. The nearby mobs will aggro though, so you will have to get rid of them. Once out of combat, the non-elite will respawn and you can repeat the process for some easy loot epics!

If your aggro reset has a long cooldown, this might not be worth it.

What about bosses?
I haven't even attempted bosses, but as far as I know every boss has been soloed, with the exception of Kalecgos due to the encounter mechanics. If you're gonna try them, I suggest you to check the bosses' comments on wowhead before attempting one!

The trash come in big groups, but should not be too difficult. There's however some mobs that need to be nuked right away or you will get your ass handed to them. The Sunblade Slayers are a pain with their fixed percentage dot, and they use it on you even if your pet has the aggro.

Like usually, I prefer to solo stuff with a hunter and turtle pet that is specced fully into defensive talents. For more information on how a hunter can solo things, check the previous (AQ) Loot Hunters post.

Are there any other drops?
You will find lots of loot here! The recipes are very rare, but your bags will be full of cloth, equips and epic gems. Epic gems have a decent vendor price and should not be auctioned. Like always, greenies should be disenchanted for some yummy gold! On top of that, every monster drops gold coins.

You will also find Sunmotes and Marks of Illidari. Sunmotes in particular can fetch some nice amounts of gold should you find a buyer. There's also some BOP recipes dropping. These are often useless, but if the mat costs aren't that high, you might want to learn them if possible.

So, how do I get to Sunwell Plateau, anyway?
Getting there is fast! If you are not a Mage, use the portal in a big city to Blasted Lands. Go through to Outland and fly to Shattrath. In the middle of Shattrath, use the portal to Quel'danas.

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