Saturday, July 30, 2011

Best fast place to farm Deviate Fish - WoW Gold Guide

Some fishes are extremely valuable, especially the lower level ones that are needed by cooks and alchemists. Today's post focuses on the best of them, Deviate Fish. This one is mainly for horde lowbies. Alliance can make even more gold though, but a higher level toon is recommended.

Tested and approved by a poor, almost naked level 20 toon that went fishing for 1½ hours, and eventually sold the catch for 2490 gold, 30 silver and 73 coppers! Also known as too much gold, unless you like saving or investing.

Fishing pole? Check. Fishing chair? You bet!
Deviate fish can be fished up in Barrens and Wailing Caverns. But to get the most fishes/hour, you should circle around the pools in Barrens and cast your line only if you see a Deviate Fish school. There's three pools of water in Northern Barrens and each can contain a few Deviate Fish schools.

You're usually the only one fishing these so there shouldn't be any competition except during peak hours, but even so, the schools respawn  fast and can make lots of gold for you in a very little time.

Flying mount is extremely helpful, but if you do this with a lowbie, the running cuts the profits a bit.

Still, you can get even 5000g in a few hours, or at least when they've all sold! Not many have gold for their epic flying mount at level 20, why not be one of the few! But to make them sell faster, you shouldn't focus on one product only.

Barrens being on horde territory, these should sell for even more on the Alliance side!

Cook it, Brew it and Sell it!
Once you have enough fishes, you've to decide what to do with them. If you have alchemy, it's very affordable to get the recipe for Giant Growth Elixir since Cataclysm. You'll most likely find several for as little as 2g in the Auction House.

One Giant Growth Elixir requires 1x Deviate Fish, 1x Earthroot and a vial surpisingly. I'm usually the only one selling these and I usually list them for 40-60g in the auction house.

They sell surprisingly fast even though they are useless. Guess some people need more self-confidence, making things bigger and all!

Usually 5-15 elixirs sell every day, so I have plenty of Deviates for other uses also. Second best choice would be to sell them raw, let's say 35g each so people won't undercut you so much if they have alchemy aswell. If you have the cooking recipe for Savory Deviate Delight, last resort would be to create some of those. You often have competition here though, so the profit is minimal.
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Erzael said...

Nice post Kuja. I already knew the trick with the Giant Growth potion, but I have never tried the Savory cooking trick. I'll look into that next time i log in.

Also, i didn't know anything about the pools. It's i great tip. The times I've fished in The Barrens I've done it inside WC. But I look forward to try the pools!

Keep it up Kuja!