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How to make gold for your epic mounts in minutes - WoW Gold Guide

Surprisingly many players have trouble getting gold for their mount, epic mount, flying mount or epic flying mount. Hopefully this post will be of use if you're one of them! :)

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Professions vs. Farming vs. Hunting
There are multiple ways you can get the needed gold, and how to get it largely depends on your level and starting money. In my opinion the fastest route would be by utilizing professions. If you don't have the time or will to level them to the necessary levels, hunting and farming are both good second choices.

If you are a goblin or have guild perks, the costs are a bit lower.

Level 20 - Ground mount
Apprentice Riding total cost: 5g

This one is super fast to obtain, even if you have 0 copper to start with. You'll earn so much gold from the following tricks that you'll have enough for your second riding training aswell as flying training on top of the initial level 20 mount, especially if you perform them all.

You often have to wait a bit if you use only auction house to sell your stuff. But if you sell them in trade chat instead, you don't have to wait for long and auction house won't steal part your golds.

Low level trade goods are very popular, so they not only sell fast, but often also for a nice chunk of gold aswell. What to farm depends mostly on what is expensive in the auction house. Search the trade goods category and filter the higher level goodies from the list.

It's usually a good idea to farm herbs, ores or cloth at any given level. If copper ore sells for 1g each, you only need to mine 5 ores and you have enough gold for your first riding training and mount aswell.

Skinning: Is a very good low level gold maker also. Most low level leathers sell for 1-5g each!

Fishing: You may also want to give fishing a go if certain fishes are expensive. It's often enough to find a larger pool of water and run along the shore until you find a shcool of fish. No matter what kind of fish it is, you're bound to make a few gold pieces every minute.

If you don't know where to farm a certain item, do a search in Wowhead.

Inscription & Alchemy: A scribe can make glyphs that sell for 10-500g each, even the low level ones. Vanishing powders also sell fast. You do need to obtain some herbs first though, so herbalism is highly recommended as a second profession. Same goes with Alchemy, except low level potions don't sell that good so it's not a good choice often.

Treasure chests: Almost all level 10+ treasure chests contain blue quality items. These can be sold for 20-150g each, more if it's exceptionally good for twinks. Treasure chests will appear on your map if you use Gathermate 2 addon, so it's easy to see where they are to be found.

Raptor nests: Certain zones have raptor nests that once looted, give you a raptor companion pet. This can be sold in the auction house for 70-1000g, price depending on if anyone else is selling it. To see where they are located, check the map found here.

Reselling pets/recipes: The above map also contains other pets that can be sold in the auction house. You might also want to buy cheap recipes from vendors and resell them in the auction house for even 20-500g more.

Reselling vendor items: If you have a few silvers already, you don't even need to leave a city if you follow the tricks found in this post.

Level 40 - Epic ground mount
Journeyman Riding total cost: 60g

The above methods should make you 60g in no time.

Level 60 - Flying mount
Expert Riding total cost: 300g

There are no level 60 specific methods of making gold, except jewelcrafting starts to shine at these levels and you have access to few valuable trade goods.

Fel Iron ore is extremely valuable, and so is Felweed. These can be both found in Hellfire Peninsula, Outland. Though it would be more wise to farm these only after obtaining your flying mount.

Jewelcrafters can invest some gold at these levels by buying thorium, mithril, fel iron, adamantite or iron ore. Or if you have mining, get the ores yourself instead. Often a stack of above ores can get you 50-100g when prospected. Check the gem prices on your realm first though. If you're not sure what gems can be obtained from a certain ore, do a wowhead search again.

Level 70 - Epic / Cold weather / Master / Old weather flying
Level 70 epic flying total cost: 5100g
Cold weather flying total cost: 500g
Master Riding total cost: 5000g
Flight Master's Licence total cost:  250g

These ones give many players trouble, but it's in fact extremely easy to get them all. 5000g can be achieved in a hour easily. But how to obtain it depends on largely what is valuable on your realm.

At level 70 you have access to almost every method found on this blog, and they all should make you even 50000g in a day if you try even half of them.

If you don't want to waste much time, there's also this new automated gold making addon that claims to make you 999999 gold in 30 ish days, also known as hitting the gold cap! :)

Did I miss your favourite way to make gold for a mount? Let me know!
Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!


Nip Nip said...

Im not sure of your intentions with the link at the end of the article but I think it looks very suspect that it would infect someones machine with spyware.

Kuja said...

@Nip Nip

It's one of the most popular addons currently among gold addicts, so theres no way it would be spyware. And as you can see, the link goes to, which is a online marketplace. And the rules are tight there, so no spyware allowed.

You can also check where other banners on this blog lead to. Yup, same place! The odd number combination is simply the link to the correct product, including my affiliate name.

Valdron said...

I'm probably wrong on this, but blizzard's addon policy says:

"1) Add-ons must be free of charge.
All add-ons must be distributed free of charge. Developers may not create "premium" versions of add-ons with additional for-pay features, charge money to download an add-on, charge for services related to the add-on, or otherwise require some form of monetary compensation to download or access an add-on."

So wouldn't the addon you advertised at the end be going against the policy, as you have to pay $40 to get access to it?

Nip Nip said...

Ah ok, thank you for clearing that up. The link looked suspicious so I ran it through a link scan and it gave '' a bad rating and advised against clicking it

Kuja said...


The important part is it's not against EULA to use it. The seller is not stupid though, as the addon itself is free to use and it's not what you pay for.

goodkarma said...

I might be more inclined to buy this ripoff "guide"/addon if it wouldn't blatantly lie. 30k gold per day? Yeah, sure, in your dreams!

Anyway, this was my last visit to your blog, if I want advertisement and "Hey, I tell you the obvious, I'm awesome" content I rather go to jmtc.

Kuja said...


Firstly, I don't lie. And even if it was a lie, all guides have a 30-90 days refund policy incase you're not happy with it.

30k is not even hard if you know what to sell. Let's take the Vashj'ir mining & herbing spot for example. It can give 3k in just one hour if you sell them raw. If not, you can make 5k instead with alchemy and jewlcrafting. A day has 24 hours, so if you're a nolifer, you can make it in 10 hours by just selling the raw mats, faster if you create something first.

If not, you can do it for 3 hours instead and check the profitable craftable items, and create 2 of each if you have enough professions.

On top of that you can check the other valuable goodies and take advantage of that. 30k in a day won't take many hours if you drain everything from it.

My record in a day is about 50k worth of items that do not depend on RNG. Though selling always takes longer than 24 hours. :)

Hope you have a good time over at the other blog! Check back later if you change your mind ^^

David said...

I have been a fan of your gold-blog because of its unusual and novel ways of earning gold. However I do think posting an advert link does indeed damage your reputation as a bloggers. On the other hand I have found no useful information on the "Tycoon" by watching the video and it is pretty much a gamble by only looking at the website. While I'm not against posting advert in blogs myself but I do find this particular add-on quite uninformative. Just my two cent. Otherwise great blog as usual!

Kuja said...


Thanks for the feedback!

I understand your point, but I write for free now so I think it's only fair if I get little something in return for my time/knowledge spent/shared.

During the past years I was selling the information on this blog (Classic, TBC and Wotlk gold making tricks) for about 10€/book.

And because it's free now, you will see advertisements here and there. Both banners and text links. I will keep them to a minimum though so they won't be in your way. No popups like some blogs have!

And I only advertise things that I have tried myself and only if I've found them to be useful. :)

Tycoon is the first gold making addon and I love it. So it definitely deserves a mention.

I think it's better for everyone that this site is free to use. Before only thousands were able to read this guide. Now anyone can do it, for free! :)

Or would you prefer a paid guide without advertisements? Surely I can offer both.

msa12349 said...

I think your guide is great. Very interesting gold-making tips and minimal advertisements. They don't bother me very much and your gold guide is among one of the very best, even compared with the paid guides. Thank you for making this available to all of us.