Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heavenly Shards - 4500g in 10 minutes? - WoW Gold Guide

Heavenly Shards are one of the most needed items currently, yet their supply is a lot more limited now when people simply don't walk into heroics anymore! This can be told by looking at their price also. For a few days these shards have been selling for about 90-100g, more if there's less available.

Finding another use for that cheap ore!
Professions needed: Blacksmithing & Enchanting

Obsidium and Elementium Ore is cheap as dirt these days, and the bars are more valuable even if taking their material costs into account. If this is the case on your realm also, it's wise to buy ores instead and smelt them as needed.

This method focuses on creating and disenchanting either Stormforged Shoulders or Stormforged Legguards. Blacksmithing skill of 425 is needed to create these.

The raw materials are cheap!
  • 8 x Obsidium Ore
  • 16 x Elementium Ore
Total cost currently: 21g
Disenchant value currently:  95-380g

When disenchanted, you get 1-4 Heavenly Shards. Amount mostly depends on if you have bountiful bags guild perk.

Let's say you create 20 pants, disenchant them and get 50 Heavenly Shards and they sell for 95g currently. You'd be 4080g richer then you were before after negating the mat costs, assuming you don't get undercutted.

It's wise to put a short duration on your auctions so you don't have to wait 48 hours if you get undercutted. Or alternatively check from time to time if you should cancel and relist. :)

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Cold said...

Stormforged Shoulders are the exact same materials, but are a 100% guaranteed Heavenly Shard, with no chace ot GCE or dust.

Kuja said...


Thanks! I'll add that to the post aswell. Odd though that their ilvl is exactly the same!

Anonymous said...

Average ore price over all U.S. horde realms is 3g, making the cost of a heavenly shard produced via this method 72g (65.5g if you have bountiful bags).

Kuja said...


That sounds about right. Though on high pop realms there should be a lot of botters farming ores, reducing their price to the ground. ATM on my main eu realm there's 8850 Elementium Ores and 1168 Obsidum Ores for sale, and everyone is undercutting the previous seller.

Though if they really sell for 3g each, you can make almost as much mining them instead and checking if bars sell for even more :P

meowth said...

so i tried this out spent 2k made 65 pairs of shoulders and got 72 shards so im thinking its been nerfed since posted but still well worth doing

Sweetpea said...

"Blacksmithing skill of 425 is needed to create these."
said skill level of 480 before i could learn it tho :)

Kuja said...


That's odd! Wowhead clearly states 425. :O

Sweetpea said...

since my char lacks the appropiate level, i could screenshot if for you if you want :)

butyeh, i looked it up on wowhead aswell and it idd says 425 there.

Kuja said...

No need. They must have changed it then.. Don't know why though. :)

Nigel said...

Since I have prospecting unknown quantities of pyrite ore, I ended up with quite a load of Volatile Earth so... I went with Redsteel Breastplate (15 elementium bars, 15 volatile earth) for some extra shards. Of course check those Volatile prices as it may just be best to auction them.

Dynamic said...

You need a BS skill of 425 to learn it from a sroll, but you need 480 to learn it from the trainer. Anyway, i can't find where the scroll drops :S