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Getting rich in Firelands - Solo - WoW Gold Guide

This method has been nerfed. It's no longer possible to kite most of the mobs. I can see why though! Some of the more active farmers made millions from the epics. Some sources claim turtles are still slowable though but I haven't had the chance to confirm. If you know more, leave a comment!

Many of you may have heard of people solo farming Firelands, or even done it yourself. If not, time to give it ago! This is extremely profitable, especially if you're feeling lucky!

My record is 2 epics found in 20 minutes of farming, giving me about 45k quick gold! Total gold I've made from these is at around 200k. Some hardcore farmers have even tripled that amount!

Better to not piss this one off!

Taking the trash out! I can has epix?
Solo farming Firelands consist of only one thing: Running! The goal is to kite trash, mainly Scorpions, Turtles, Hell Hounds and Pyrelords. If your talent spec does not have kiting capabilities, you need to respec or switch classes. Thankfully most classes can do this!

The drop rates for epics were nerfed to the ground, but you should still see an epic or two every few runs. RNG plays a big part here too though. Some players haven't seen even one drop in a week, while others have obtained 3 epics from one run!

But at least every mob drops 1-12 gold usually and you can get reputation with Avengers of Hyjal, all the way to 11999/12000.

Some of the classes that can solo farm here:
  • Death Knight
  • Hunter
  • Shaman
  • Mage
  • Warlock
Not every spec can solo! You need to check your talents before attempting this. For example, a warlock should be affliction and hunter should have concussive barrage from MM tree. If you're unsure what spec or talents you should use, leave a comment below or youtube the following : <class> solo firelands

Note that you don't need über gear to do this. Even a newly dinged 85 with quest greenies can solo here. You do need to be in a raid group though! Click here to see how you can make a raid group alone!

Hit and run like hell!
There are lots of different spots where you can kite things. Where to go often depends on how many bosses are down. If it's a fresh run with 0 bosses down, it's wise to pull things back to the entrance and kite them around the entrance portal. Just watch your step or you might fall!

You should start by pulling one scorpion pack. Just be careful to not damage some scorpions too fast because they will slow down and become a problem when rest of the mobs run 40% faster. Switch targets constantly and focus on AOE abilities. Once you're getting the hang of it, try 2 packs of scorpions next, or if you're feeling crazy enough, why not try 3!

Once scorpions are ezmode for you, try something else.. But not the Molten Lords! See some youtube videos of what others have been soloing.

But there's a huge giant blocking the way!
Image source:
You don't need to worry. It's aggro radius is ridiculously low. It's safe to pass it, just don't run between it's legs!

Oh, and time your pulls so the mobs won't run into the giant if pulling things back to the entrance. Hug one side and hope the timing was good enough!

10 vs 25
Many people ask if you can see more epics in a 25-man trash run. 25-man offers slightly more loot from trash. But in the time it takes to kill a trash mob, you can kill 2½ in a 10-man run. It's often more wise to farm in 10 mode instead as not even the instance cap will get in your way.

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Terdle said...

They've nerfed this, or well buffed. They've increased the farmmobs' speed. Kiting is now impossible.

Kuja said...

Thanks for the comment. I forgot to update this post. Sad thing :( The nerf that is. Or buff..