Friday, July 22, 2011

Farming Hellfire Citadel: Ramparts - WoW Gold Guide

Most of the soon-to-be level 60 players like to wear the best equipment available to them, mainly the level 57 outland greenies to considerably boost their dps. Farming these items can make lots of gold on some realms, but finding the right suffix on a level 57 greenie is not as easy as it might sound!

Aggroing the whole instance with one pull!
Pre-4.2 you could aggro almost all mobs with one pull while in some instances, including Ramparts by using a well-aimed Saronite Bomb or a Death & Decay for example, next to the entrance portal (See video below). But as of now, mobs have lost their ability to find the player in most cases, often causing them to evade if the pull was made from too far away or the player is not standing on the floor itself. I haven't seen this mentioned in patch notes so it might just be a bug that will get fixed at one point.

Or not...
For now, you have to stick to farming it the old style.. Or new in this case! Nonetheless, it's still easy pie for a level 80+ toon and can be done in just a few pulls, taking often less than 10 minutes per run. Also there is no need to run back to the entrance as you can jump off the platform once done.

You'll quickly run into the instance cap/hour so that's often a good point to hearth and clean your bags. You'll find plenty of runecloth on top of the greenies. If you have a tailor, it's extremely profitable to create Bolts of Runecloth and turn them into Runecloth Headbands, which in turn Disenchant into GEEs and Illusion Dust, which both are VERY valuable on almost every realm.

The bosses don't offer anything worth mentioning, except some of the blues vendor for even 10g. If disechanted, they are worthless.

One run usually gives 2-7 greenies, depending if Lady RNG likes you or not. I've been selling level 57 greenies with good stats, such as agi, str or int for 100-300g for a long while now and they still sell surprisingly fast. I've found "of the Bandit" items to sell the fastest, even with a high price! You may give level 58 and 59 items a go aswell if they have useful stats.

If your item ends in whale, it would be wise to disenchant it instead!
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