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Farming in Nagrand - 5000 gold in 60 minutes - WoW Gold Guide

There's some easy gold to be made in some of the Outland zones, especially for Engineers. Previous trick focused on Zangarmarsh, but this time I'll tell you how to make gold in Nagrand instead. Again,  mainly from it's Gas clouds. This zone also has treasure chests, so if you want to, you can make your own route by using the Routes addon with Gathermate2 and add chests to it aswell.

Image source: wowhead.com

Clouds, Ore, Water and Flowers!
While in Nagrand, the best source for gold would be Windy Clouds, pools of Pure Water, Fel Iron/Adamantite/Khorium deposits, Treasure Chests and Felweed. That being said, if you have mining, engineering and fishing, you can make a killing!

Windy Clouds - Engineering
If you have engineering, you can gather motes from the clouds here. Each cloud contains 3-5 motes usually. To extract the motes from a cloud, you need a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. This can be obtained from a level 62 quest in Zangarmarsh. The reward is a schematic though, so you'll have to craft it. Click here to see the faction specific quests.

It's often cheaper to buy the raw materials and craft the required items yourself, so here's the basic materials for the mote extractor:
  • 16 x Fel Iron Ore
  • 40 x Motes of Life
  • 1 Thorium Ore
  • 1 Arcane Crystal
  • 1 Ironweb Spider Silk
From the Windy Clouds alone I can get about 8-10 Primal Airs in 30 minutes. Most of the time these sell for 100-200g each. They seem to be more valuable than their watery counterparts usually.

Khorium Ore - Mining
Nagrand is nothing special when it comes to mining, but you may be lucky and run into Khorium deposits while flying around the zone. Each bar sells for even 150g, but most people don't know their value and will sell under that often. Fel Iron and Adamantite is also often valuable, and they should be mined if you are after Khorium. Khorium ore is rare and sometimes spawn instead of a Adamantite or Fel Iron deposit.

Pools of Pure Water - Fishing Pole Recommended!
There are a few Pools of Pure Water in Nagrand and if you have fishing, you should definitely check them out. More info about Pure Water fishing here: http://www.elsanglin.com/fishing_pure_water.html

Felweed - Herbalism
You may want to pick up herbs while flying around the zone. A stack of Felweed selling for 300g is not unheard of.

Treasure Chests
There's 2-4 Chests per zone usually. See the map below for their spawn locations. These level blues usually sell very slowly though, but still for a decent price. Don't hold your breath when selling them.

30 minutes of farming
The toon I did the farming with had engineering, mining and fishing. I made about 1200g from the Primals, 1000g from Khorium which I turned into Power Cores with Engineering (Sells for 500g each) and 300g from Treasure Chests. That's a total of 5000g if I would have farmed for a hour instead, assuming I would have found the same amount of goods again!

Windy Cloud and Treasure Chest spawn points
Keep in mind though, that none of the above items sell fast. For me it took 7 days to sell them all and I play on a high population realm. They are needed by some professions, but Auction House often has a void around these items, so they are expensive.


RNG and Price Difference
Sometimes you don't find a single Khorium Deposit, or alternatively Khorium Power Cores sell for only 100g and Primals 20g on your realm. Gold estimates are based on the prices on my main realm when I performed this method.

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Mercadi said...

On a server like mine (medium desolate) I wouldn't be able to sell most farmed stuff from Outland in days or even weeks.

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That happens quite a lot on low population realms :( I'd stick to Cataclysm or low level trade goodies instead in your case.