Friday, July 15, 2011

Coilfang Armaments Farming - WoW Gold Guide

If you tried the previous method, there's more gold to be made nextdoors! You can get a bunch of Coilfang Armaments when you kill things in Steamvault and Serpentshrine Cavern, each sell for 15-50g usually, depending on how many there are for sale.

No one farms these yet so it's safe to buy every armament from the Auction House (if any) and resell them for a lot higher price.

As the other instance is a level 70 dungeon and other a raid, a lowbie can only make gold reselling.

You have obtained too much gold recently!
If you are good geared 85 and like to pull one room at a time, you may run into the instance cap, but should have plenty of armaments in your possession by that time. One run yields usually 20-30 Armaments, netting you about 1300g if you sell them 50g each. (However, the price will get too high if you sell them in large quantities, so you most likely have to lower your prices a bit. I usually ask for 25g each when selling hundreds of them.)

And that does not include the almost-as-valuable items, such as clams, greenies and primal waters. Primal Waters alone sell for over 100g usually. TBC pearls have been selling very nicely lately aswell!

And if you're suspicious, here's the breakdown of one run's phat lewt!
  • Coilfang Armaments: 800g
  • Greenies: 190-240g
  • Vendor crap: 14g
  • Water Motes: 160g
  • All kinds of pearls: 10-150g
Prices may vary depending on realm population, guild perks and your advertising skill!

Power Word: Sell
Like previously, you have to advertise your armaments to make them sell. They are used to raise reputation with Cenarion Expedition, so check what benefits there are for gaining exalted with them and create a macro similar to the one found in the previous post.

The amount of Armaments people need vary. You can get the quest as early as neutral. Most only need to get from revered to exalted though, so also choose how big stacks you are selling.

Hint: There's a shiny Flying Mount available once exalted! c:

Time Spent vs. Profit
This is by no means the best way to make gold, but if you like farming and can clear a 70 instance in a couple of pulls, I'd definitely try this out!
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