Monday, July 18, 2011

Where to farm Blood of The Mountain? - WoW Gold Guide

If you have mining and/or like to farm "harder" monsters, you should farm some Blood of the Mountain! Especially people that are after Ragnaros' Legendary Hammer are ready to pay for these. Making 4000g in 20 minutes is not unheard of, but your gold income rely entirely on RNG.

Dark Iron Deposits & Molten Destroyers
You have two paths, but they can be combined for even greater profit. You have a small chance of obtaining a Blood of Mountain when mining a Dark Iron Deposit. Molten Destroyers on the other hand have a decent drop rate for these, 7% ish.

Requires 175 mining!
Multiple reports say their drop rate has been stealth boosted in 4.2, but this is not the case. RNG does the magic here! You can obtain one from every Destroyer you kill or alternatively you won't see even one drop. Their new shiny model does not equal higher drop rates.

Dark Iron Deposits and Molten Destroyers are both found inside Molten Core, but nodes can also be found in the zones surrounding Blackrock Mountain and in Blackrock Depths aswell.

In order to enter Molten Core (Blackrock Mountain, Searing Gorge) you must be in a raid group. It's a level 60 raid instance, so a level 70+ should have no problems solo farming there.

Solo Farming Molten Core Trash Efficiently
Since Molten Destroyers are trash mobs, no boss should be killed or you can't force reset the instance after destroying them all. With a stealthy 85 character one run takes no more than 7 minutes, but more if you have mining. The point is to sneak your way to Molten Destroyers, kill them all, run out of the instance and reset it. To reset a instance, right click on your portrait and choose "Reset all instances".

Shiny new models!
To save some time, when you see the first 2 Molten Giants, you can jump into the lava below and swim the lava river down until you can jump out of it. Or alternatively don't fall into the lava, but hug the right wall instead until you can jump off.

One Blood of the Mountain usually sells for about 1000g, but I've seen people buy these for even 3000g each if they are desperate. They usually need 10 of these, so if you see someone selling a few for 300g, don't get your hopes down. Yours will get a buyer aswell, even if you don't undercut!

Protip: Even if it takes days to sell them, do not reduce your prices below 1000g. Not everyone needs these, remember that! :)

On top of the blood, you will also find BOE epics and Lava Cores for example, which sell for 20-100g most of the time.

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GrayzBDF said...

Will try this out. Good stuff,