Sunday, June 19, 2011

Manual: Strong Anti-Venom - How to Make Gold

 Recognize Valuable Loot!

If you like to level alts or otherwise farm low level instances, you're bound to find one, if not more of certain items that are a lot more valuable than they would appear to be. Most of the time people pass on these, sell them for ridiculously low prices or just vendor them, so clicking on need is highly recommended.

You should also check your AH if someone is doing the above and benefit from it.

World drop items - How to obtain?

One of the most common rare items is the manual for Strong Anti-Venom, a random world drop, mainly obtained from chests around level 30. Even though farming world drops is pointless, this is not the only valuable item a chest may contain. A good place to test your luck is Scarlet Monastery.

There are more than one wing, so the 5 instances per hour limit will not happen as fast as it would in a typical instance. There are no chests in Cathedral, but mobs also can drop valuables and that wing is the fastest in the game anyways :)

Half of the chests are locked, so bring something that can open them, like bombs or skeleton keys. Skeleton keys do not need a profession so they are often the good choice.

How valuable is valuable?

Most of the valuable items I will be listing here are worth 2-15k, sometimes more. They are mainly for collectors who want to learn every possible recipe in the game. That means you shouldn't expect these items to sell even in the first week. It may very well take even a few months to make one sell, depending on how much your are asking for it.

  •  If you create an interesting macro that advertises your rare loot, it will catch more eyes and sell a lot faster.
  •  You will be the only one selling these most of the time, so you get to pick the price!

I will create a similar gold making method containing a "junk" rare item every 1-2 weeks. Next item I will tell about is a bit more rare, but also a lot more valuable. I've sold one of them for 20k after buying it for 15g a few weeks back!

Hint: It's Purple
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John Coleman said...

You final comment is unclear. Will it be one or two weeks before this next post that reveals the purple item, or do you post these on the auction house once every 1-2 weeks?

Kuja said...

I meant I will post a new gold making method here every 1-2 weeks that contains a valuable item which most people think it's junk and sell for even 30k less than what people are ready to pay.

The item in question is the Schematic for Purple Smoke flare and I will be posting about it within 14 days. And the third valuable item will most likely be posted within 2-4 weeks on this blog.

Kuja said...

Clarified the last part a bit :) Hopefully it's more clear now. There was a major typo in it aswell, thanks for making me notice it!

Josh said...

How is manual for Strong Anti-Venom, a rare item worth 2k-15k? The item only cures poisons to level 35.

Nilliel of Outland EU said...

@Josh, all of these items are valuable to collectors. People who want to have all of the patterns for their trade skills, either for better advertising in trade chat or for the sake of completion. I myself am collecting tailoring patterns only about 95 left. For example, a tailor advertising he has almost every single pattern in the game will catch the eye in trade chat. LFW [Tailoring} will not.

Kuja said...

Indeed. Collector's are ready to pay a LOT for a recipe they don't yet have. :) That includes myself also, paid myself sick for a Lifelike Toad schematic!