Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More preparation for patch 4.2 - How to Make Gold

If you have an alchemist, it would be wise to keep some of your Truegold in bank until the patch hits; and people start obtaining the new profession recipes from Firelands that require them. Most of them require 8 x Truegold and what I've seen in the past months, there's never more than 10-20 Truegolds in the Auction House. Either people have already started hoarding them or there's just not enough supply.

This means at least my realm's AH will have little to no Truegolds for sale at some point during the next patch, at which point I will sell my cache. I have no idea how high their prices will go, but it's quite safe to say the price will be at least 2-3x higher in a week or two after the patch, at least on realms that have low supply to start with.

Currently the price has been bouncing from 300g to 700g; and some days even more!

Got extra gold to spend?
If you don't have an alchemist, or just want to make even more gold, this is a nice way to invest some gold aswell; and there won't be any losses for you even if truegold's value stays as it is.

See any cheap Truegold in the Auction House? Buy them! I have done so for a long while now, but before the announcement of patch 4.2 craftables I just sold them for 100-300g more than what I paid for them when the supply was low.

Currently I have only 30 ish stacks, but even it should create a nice profit, not that I'm stopping the hoarding just yet!

Truegold is not the only item that will be more valuable!
There are other trade goods aswell that will be needed for the shiny new equipment. These being every volatile and Hardened Elementium Bar in particular. Availability of Elementium Bars and Ore will affect the price though.

I'd hoard a few of these too if you see them going cheap, though these are more easily obtained so their prices won't raise too much. But the profit is there nonetheless! :)

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Matt M said...

I power leveled alchemy on my 85 pally last weekend (he had inscription and herbalism... so I dropped the herbs) and have it maxed now. I started making truegold on the 2nd day - got my transmute spec 2 days ago... took awhile to get the primal mights... I've been trying to get primal air but after collecting 4 of the others I was able to buy 4 primal mights for 175g each. (the funny thing is yesterday I found 5 on for 35g each... bought them, relisted at 225g each and sold 3 so far... lol)

I've been selling one and banking one truegold every 2 days... although yesterday I got my first proc... and made 2 TGs at once... sold one for 550g and banked the other. I now have 3 in the bank... will be making more each day of course...