Monday, June 13, 2011

Making gold as a Druid | No killing, No AH, No professions

This is a fun little way to make a bit of gold for those that are tired of killing things, playing the auction house or using professions. However, only druids can do this so that it's even remotely a decent way to make gold due to their ability to loot objects without leaving flight form.

Farming (Dead) Mage Hunters

You must have the quest called Rifle the Bodies in your quest log. It's a Dragonblight quest that can be obtained from Star's Rest or Angmar's Hammer, depending on your faction. Minimum level for the quest is 71. If you have done that already, you can't do this anymore.

It's simple. All you have to do is fly around the place and loot the Dead Mage Hunters while staying in swift flight form. They give bags that contain junk, and rarely the quest item you're after. If you manage to find it, just delete it so you can continue looting bags.

This is by no means the best way to make gold in WOW, just a fun little thing to try out if you're in the area with your druid and want to try something new. As a druid with epic flying I made about 600g from the grey items in 60 ish minutes during WOTLK. Not sure if druid looting has been changed since. If so, let me know! It gets boring fast, so don't forget to watch a movie, for example, while at it! As no killing is required, you don't need to pay almost any attention at all.
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Anonymous said...

This is why I <3 this blog; totally out of the blue random method of finding gold that most of us wouldn't even think of if we were presented with all the facts. "So I can loot things... grey items.. vendor well... no killing... while on quest... NOPE DONT GET IT!"

:D Thanks as always.

Kuja said...

Hehe :) Gotta have something for pacifists too! And yup, haven't seen many bloggers suggesting you to farm grey junk :P

Valdron said...

This is why I still like to read this blog. Even though it's not something I plan on doing, it's nice to methods that aren't mentioned on every other website.

Keep it up Kuja!