Friday, June 3, 2011

Soloing World Bosses - Doomwalker - Free Epix - How to Make Gold

When you were lower level, you may have flied past Doomwalker/Lootwalker/Loot Reaver while questing in Shadowmoon Valley and while at it, drool at it's loot lists, wishing you could take it down single handedly. Since Cataclysm it's been possible to solo the tin can with basically any class, though some specs without self healing might struggle. The boss doesn't hit that hard and has a lousy 1.5 mil health pool.

Do not proceed. You will be eliminated.

How to solo Doomwalker

Doomwalker has a lengthy 2-4 days respawn timer, but the zone itself is unpopulated and almost everyone has forgotten what this boss offers. Basically a kill is worth even 6k if you find a buyer for your epics. I've found him 3 times this week, gaining 6 BOE epics and also lots of gold coins as drops, even though it's purse size was reduced dramatically at one point.

To make the epics sell faster, I gem and enchant these items and sell them in the trade chat for 1-3k each usually. When players click the link and see a fully gemmed and enchanted leveling epic, they often get interested if they have a class that could make use of it.

Tip: Ignore the socket bonuses, go for pure int/agi/str!

And again, I need to make the message nice looking and not just "WTS <item>" to maximize the potential buyers. It's good to convince people why they should buy it!

An example macro could be "/2 Bored of Brutal Gladiator grinding on your soon-to-be 70 toon? Use this weapon instead to speed your leveling {skull} <link> {skull} Costs 0 honor! Pay with gold instead!"

Protip: In Soviet Shadowmoon, the boss comes to you!

If you don't want to waste time flying to Shadowmoon multiple times a day, it's wise to park an alt near Black Temple where it spawns, and then either kill it on your alt if it has spawned, or bring your main quickly there if your alt doesn't have big enough ego to take a huge fel reaver down!

You might also want to try your luck in Hellfire Peninsula and see if Doom Lord Kazzak has spawned. He will be harder to find alive though!

Are you high enough level to take it down?

On a side note, if you don't have a level 85 character yet or have alts waiting to be leveled, Zygor Guides is having a discount today, with all prices cut in half! The offer ends tomorrow (5th), so you have to be fast if you are interested in this speed leveling addon!

Personally I've used his 1-85 leveling guide on all my toons and so far my leveling record was 3 days /played. I'm still trying to beat that! There's also profession and dailies guide available but that infomation can be found for free elsewhere, not that the price is high.
Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!

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