Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Loot Hunters: Soloing Heroic Shattered Halls

For easier access this time around, it's time to reveal a gold mine that is not a raid instance: Heroic Shattered Halls! SH is a 5-man instance in Hellfire Citadel, Hellfire Peninsula, Outland.

Need to get attuned... For now?
For a while still, TBC heroics still need a key in order to enter. These keys are reputation rewards from the quartermaster involved with the instance. For example, Hellfire Citadel heroics need Flamewrought Key, purchasable from Honor Hold and Thrallmar reputation vendors upon attaining Revered with them.

In patch 4.2 the keyring will be removed, but there was no mention if TBC heroic attunements will also be lifted, or if you have to carry these keys in your bags instead.

Where is the Shattered Halls entrance?
shattered halls entrance
The entrance is located next to Ramparts
Since the mobs are level 70, they hit for only about 2k on cloth, meaning every class can farm here. Though like always, tanks have the advantage once again, as they can pull the whole instance in just a couple of pulls, making it extremely fast gold per hour method as it leaves lots of time to do something else afterwards.

A typical rush with a tank spec takes less than 18 minutes and can gain between 500-20,000 gold, depending on how lucky you are with drops and what professions you have available. A typical run gives me about 1400g usually. 500g if I'm unlucky and don't see any valuable drops. You have a small chance of obtaining extremely rare profession recipes from TBC heroics which give you a massive gold boost!

And with a small chance I mean statistically you have to run about 100-200 runs to get a rare recipe, but you will never know when RNG favors you! I've seen Battlemaster enchant and some blacksmithing plans both drop in one run, even though their drop rate is like 0.10%! Too bad it wasn't a solo run then. :/

How can a TBC heroic be profitable?

Let's see what loot you can find here!
  1. Every mob drops 25-90 silver usually.
  2. Every mob drops Netherweave Cloth.
  3. You will get lots of TBC enchanting mats if you can DE.
  4. Your bags will be full of greys, which each are worth a few gold usually.
  5. You will find BOE blues. Most of them are worthless though.
  6. Bosses drop loot that should be vendored for many gold pieces each.
  7. You will find TBC Darkmoon Cards here.
  8. If you are fast enough, you get a bonus "boss" which drops Primals, pots and scrolls!
  9. Every mob has a small chance of dropping a extremely valuable BOE profession recipes. These can be Schematics, Recipes, Designs or Plans. There is about 30 of them out there!
While most of the profession recipes are junk, there are collectors who would let you have their babies for the said recipe.

Protips to make you even more gold:
  • If you run into TBC Darkmoon Cards, they are worth 50-500g usually. If you sell them invidually and not as a deck/trinket, you get a lot more profit!
  • Bosses drop epics, but Void Crystals are worthless. These should be vendored instead! If you want to create products, like enchanting scrolls with them, it's more profitable if you buy them from AH instead.
  • Prismatic Shards can be valuable... Or not! Check AH prices before you choose to disenchant blue items.
  • Like always, find a profitable use for Netherweave Cloth. You will find lots of it! These can be bags or tailoring products that can be DE'd for profit.
  • Most blue quality BOEs are worthless, but some are worth a few hundred.

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John Galt said...

I'd like to see sales data on this. I've been running that place with a 85 Pally tank and the turnover in gold is nothing like you're implying here. Of course, every server's economy is different, but the demand for BC patterns really isn't that high unless it leads to something that's a vanity item or an achievement. I personally take the high gold turnover implication on SH with a large grain of salt.

Kuja said...

I'm writing from my personal experience. I think I've obtained 2 rare profession recipes total, one schematic sold for 20k and other recipe 6k.

One of them dropped from heroic botanica I think, but the loot tables are shared imo.

It took 2 months to sell the more expensive one, and 5 months to sell the cheaper because I didn't use /2 to sell it.

Main source for gold is greenies, cards, primals and cloth though, they have given me more than that 26k in the past years :) In fact the primals alone sell for 150g each if you get the more valuable ones.

I'll see if I can submit more data at some point.

Anonymous said...

Void crystals aren't worthless. Enchanters can get a Void Shatter recipe at Honored SSO rep, which breaks the crystal into Prismatic Shards, which are often worth more.

Kuja said...


Thanks for the input!

That's however only correct if the void shards are more valuable than the epic and AH is not flooded with them. For example, even now there's about 140 Voidies in the AH and more are appearing daily. Each selling for only a few silver each, giving me zero reasons to DE that epic with a higher vendor price.

Let's say you buy those voids and hope their price will rise and break them into shards. You'd still have way more shards than there are buyers for them, even if you shatter only half of them and especially if the price tag is high. And no one will pay many golds for a voidie, ever from my experience.

And by the time first shard has sold, there's 30 more voidies in the AH, again undercutting you if you relisted some of them. And by the time your auctions have expired and you want to undercut the competition, there's 60 more in the AH.

Also often you're not the only one that has the shatter recipe. :/

So in conclusion, choosing to disenchant that epic with a vendor price of 5g would still be loss of gold overall, even if the shards sell for 40g each. Again, unless there's only a few Void Crystal sellers on your realm.

On my main realm there's tens of Chinese botters farming tbc heroics and Karazhan 24/7 so the supply for them is unlimited. I imagine it's so on all high pop realms, haven't actually checked.