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Loot Hunters: Molten Core Farming

From the ghostly tower of Karazhan we travel to the Molten Core below the Blackrock Mountain itself, looking to find even better loot than previously. It may be many ilvls lower than Karazhan, but people still seem to fail here more than in Kara, so boss tactics for solo kills are included this time!

This is a raid instance also, so you need to be in a raid group to enter.

So where's this Blackrock Mountain anyways?
If you've never been to Molten Core or Blackrock Depths before, here's simple instructions on how to find the place.

1. Fly to Searing Gorge
2. Move south towards the Blackrock Mountain
3. Enter the big doorway that leads inside
4. Fly down towards the lava and look around until you see a Blood Elf NPC
5. If you don't have a flying mount, you can jump down into the lava and swim towards the lowest edge that touches the lava. Just make sure you're running straight forward when you approach the jump position.

I would create videos but blogger does not let me use freshly uploaded youtube videos for some reason.

One does not simply walk into Molten Core
Surprisingly enough, you need a key again in order to enter! Or rather a invisible buff that lasts forever, making you attuned to the instance. You may try to enter without getting attuned, but get some sun lotion ready before doing so!

This time the pre-quest for entering is way more simple and less time consuming. All you have to do is complete one quest and you are done! Talk to Lothos Riftwaker, who stands in a small room on your way to Blackrock Depths to get the attunement quest, Attunement to the Core

Afterwards continue your way to Blackrock Depths, deeper in the same mountain. Here's a video guide for the quest itself, if it's not familiar already.

After you have obtained the Core Fragment quest item, you can enter the green raid portal next to it, which leads to Molten Core. There is a faster way inside though! Go out of the instance again and return the quest. Once you have returned the quest, you can simply jump through the small window in the same small room and you get teleported to MC again. Better to not be lagging!

Skill requirement: AFK Autoshot Pew Pew
Molten Core is very straight forward. The trash won't give you trouble if you are high level, and the bosses are very simple once you are familar with their abilities.

Note that clothies without self heals or pets are always at a disadvantage. A mage will struggle soloing the place, but any other class should be able to clear all bosses if the spec is right.

Making gold in Molten Core

Every monster can drop something valuable, such as BOE epics and unique trade goods. Molten Destroyers can also drop Blood of the Mountain which is VERY valuable, so they should not be skipped to maximize the loot. Skinners can also skin the core hounds for Core Leather, although it's prices haven't been very high.

All bosses can drop profession patterns, some of them being BOE. They should be sold or learned if you think you can profit from them. Golemagg can also drop Sulfuron Ingots, which also are extremely valuable. Ragnaros drops a few BOEs everytime.

For a more complete list of profitable items, check the last section of this post.

Image credit: Sirath


Some bosses have mechanics you may want to avoid, even if you are full epic with a 40 inch e-peen. Below is a list of boss tactics, if any. Last time I farmed Molten Core, I was level 80, so it's possible you do not need to pay attention in almost any of the fights at level 85.

Should give you no trouble. Better to solo Hogger instead if this boss gives trouble :)

This just in: Fire still hot.

Will curse you, reducing your healing taken by 75%. Better to keep a finger on the decurse button!

Will have dispel magic pulses; no point rebuffing if you are planning on getting hit by it often.

Should give you no trouble.

Baron Geddon
This boss will turn you into a living bomb from time to time. It's a very smart move to pull him into the narrow cave so your head will hit the ceiling instead, otherwise you will take fall damage, a lot. Brain damage is an another matter though...

Golemagg the Incinerator
Tank and spank. Focus on the boss and ignore adds.

Sulfuron Harbinger
Should give you no trouble.

Majordomo Executus
Should give you no trouble.

It's important that you position yourself during the encounter so that there's as much lava behind you as possible, since you will get knocked around a lot, as a melee at least. Fall damage is bad for your health. Lava - Not so much!

Loot that will make you rich

Schematic: Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope
Schematic: Core Marksman Rifle
Schematic: Force Reactive Disk
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Spellpower
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Healing Power
Pattern: Flarecore Wraps
Pattern: Core Felcloth Bag
Recipe: Major Rejuvenation Potion
Sulfuron Ingot
Lava Core
Fiery Core
Core of Earth
Blood of the Mountain

Some of them are BOP, but if you have the profession, you can make lots of gold if you create some items!

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Matt M said...

My Lady and I did this with our my Ret Pally and her BM Hunter - both 85s. Just a couple of notes for anyone trying this (who hadn't been here before):

Sulfuron Harbinger and Majordomo Executus - for those that have a good amount of experience with Raids, it might be obvious to kill the healers first... but if you don't... let me state this plainly - KILL THE HEALERS FIRST! lol If you don't, you will not take down the boss. (For Majordomo - I circled around before the attack and targetd one of the healers right off... took it down quickly and then tabbed until I targeted the next one...)

For the area with Magmader - do not just run in and try to take down the Core Hounds... if you pull multiple groups, they will very likely kill you. Take one group at a time, tab between the doggies and don't kill one until most of them are low... if you kill one, then kill the next one, then kill the next one... the first one will respawn... then the next one will... they must all be low before the first one drops. My lady's hunter dropped traps and I kept tabbing between the targets while she multi-shotted them... some groups were really fast... others respawned for awhile until we got it right.

Baron Geddon - even at 85, falling HURTS alot! Drag him into the cave and he's easy... in the open area... you gonna die from fall damage.

Ragnaros - similar to the above, except there is no cave to drag him into... so do as it says... before you talk to Majordomo, look at where the most lava is... I tried this from the "6 o'clock" position (if you think of the area around him as a clock) - and I died... but my Lady finished him off... so we got it... looking the area over, I'm thinking the "9 o'clock" position would be better... a larger lava field... but I didn't try it cause we were done.

Thanks Kuja - this was our 2nd one to complete with your guides and we loved it!
Matt and Kim

Matt M said...

PS. Got some great loot - Sulfuron Ingot, Lava Core, Fiery Core, Core of Earth, Blood of the Mountain and a formula for Enchant Gloves - Riding skill which TUJ rates to 3500g+ - so yea, we're happy with the take!

Kuja said...

Grats, thats some good loot!

Yeah, some of the bosses require a bit of brains :) But those parts should be easy to notice, such as core hounds that get reanimated by a nearby core hound's flames which is stated in the chat log, or a flamewaker that is tossing heals.

Thanks for the info though! :) First timers/casuals should appreciate it!