Thursday, June 23, 2011

How Professor Putricide Makes Gold

Good news, everyone! I think I perfected a way to make even more gold from alchemy!

Some people like to level alts, and they often prefer doing it fast; aka powerleveling. That includes me! If I didn't know how to create potions and I'm leveling an alt, I would empty the auction house of suitable potions, flasks and elixirs because they make leveling easier, being filthy rich I often ignore the price tag too.

There is just one downside usually... there are none for sale!

The shop is open!
This is where you can step in. There are certain potions that are very useful for leveling and there should always be some for sale. Usually people don't create lower level pots/flasks/elixirs because they can, but only because they are leveling the profession. That's not nearly enough!

It's true that usually herb prices are too high to make profit from alchemy creations, but this is not always the case. Only when someone has recently powerleveled alchemy or inscription, or just likes to play the auction house with herbs. For example, yesterday Felweed stacks cost about 200g each, today 50g.

Sell them faster
Most people either have an alchemist of their own or don't even remember that there are potions in the game. Some think their small stat boosts are not worth it. There is only a handful out there that are interested in our creations, so you need patience. But at least you are rarely undercutted, save some stacks of 3 elixirs which does not matter.

To make them sell faster, here are some helpful tips
  • I've found the pots sell fastest if I list them in stacks of 5 or 10.
  • Create a macro that lets people know why they should use flasks and elixirs while leveling.
  • While transmute mastery offers bigger profit potential per craft, an alchemist specialized in potions or elixirs will make even more gold (Mainly from high end drinks) if you are an active seller.
A good macro may look something like this:
"{skull} Did you know a flasked person kills monsters 20% faster? {skull} Do you know how many monsters you have to kill during 55-85? Flask up and Powerlevel! * All Flasks Available * /w me"

I haven't done lots of testing so 20% may not be accurate with mixology trait, it may be 30% instead depending on level and if it offers lots of crit. But that does not affect you. You need to convince the buyers!

Which potions should I create?
It may be hard to decide what potions to create, but there is a good way to find out which creation sells. Search and buy low priced herbs from the auction house and see what you can create with them, or just create 5 of every pot that you would use yourself while leveling and see which of them sells fastest.

Or you can sell these creations I've been making a killing from:

Almost all Cataclysm potions give lots of profit so I won't list them.

Note that healing potions are a slow seller usually, because most classes have enough self heals or use mana pots instead. For example, as a leveling priest I had to use a mana potion every 2 minutes to prevent drinking after every big pull.

Almost every Wotlk and Cataclysm elixir gives you profit so I won't list them. 

You may have luck selling other creations aswell, so no need to sell only what I've been selling. Create what you can from the herbs you have available!

Did I miss a potion or elixir that you've made lots of gold with? Let me know! c:
Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!


Nilliel of Outland EU said...

Hm, I can't see pots as something that profitable, for the sole reason that I have accumulated a hefty amount of health and mana potions from leveling various characters and doing oldschool content to the point where I can't use them up even if I try, they just keep stacking up and I'm sure, I'm not the only person, even if most people are not too fond of hoarding such things. Healing potions are often a cheap way to level alchemy as well, meaning there's usually a good amount on the AH, dirt cheap, although I do see the possibility for monopolzing the market for the simple reason that there is usually nobody in it but your average Joe dumping his leveling leftovers and the prices being as low as they are.

Elixirs are hard to sell, on my realm at least. I've had a couple of stacks of various elixirs lying around and have not been able to sell any of them just because there's plenty of them up on the AH or there's simply no buyers, I'll admit though that I haven't used any macros, which I suspect will make this into a decent niche, so I'll try that as soon as I can.

Although using the AH for a potion/elixir supply might be more profitable than buying the herbs themselves, due to the fact that at least on my realm, oldschool herbs are overpriced as hell and the elixirs/potions go out as low as a couple of silver pieces per item. Although this is certainly something I'll try.

Kuja said...

Oh, they are profitable! But aye, they don't sell fast. Especially older flasks are a pain to get rid of! But there's certain pots that sell fast, like Elixir of Giant Growth (Making like 400g from these alone each day) and swiftness pots.

Cata flasks are another fast source.