Friday, June 3, 2011

How to make gold with Jewelcrafting - WoW Gold Guide

While gem shopping with one of my alts I noticed that there's a serious fault in the AH. There wasn't even a single useful, cut WOTLK gem for sale, even though I was playing on a high population realm. Every gem was a Cata gem, not usable by level <-80 people.

I then logged on my JC and bought some relatively cheap uncut Wrath gems and also cobalt, saronite and tit ores which I then prospected for even more gems. Red gems were the ones that I was after, as they offer the best leveling stats, such as str, agi and int. Stamina is also a good choice if you get blue gems.

Lots of gem choices! But which one is the best?

I focused on the following gems:

Bold Scarlet Ruby
Bold Cardinal Ruby
Delicate Scarlet Ruby
Delicate Cardinal Ruby
Brilliant Scarlet Ruby
Brilliant Cardinal Ruby
Solid  Sky Sapphire
Solid Stormjewel

After a hour, 5 gems were already sold, making me a profit of about 1000g already. I listed epic gems for 300g and blue gems for 200g. Next day there was still no competition and almost all of them were sold.

Note that low population realms have less leveling characters, so Wrath gem sales might not be fast on some realms. Mainly brutal gladiators need these. 

Where to get epic gems?

There are a couple of ways besides buying from AH.

- Purchasable with 165 Honor
- Purchasable with 220 Justice Points
- Prospect from Titanium Ore, 29% chance
- Alchemy Transmutation

Caution: High auction fees!

One of the setbacks in gem selling is the high auction house fees. Even a 12 hour duration epic gem cuts a hole into your purse. If possible, try to sell these in trade chat instead, or use the lowest duration you can.

As always, "WTS Wotlk gems" does not make people think after reading it.

This is an example how to get people to pay attention to your message: "Got alts with empty gem sockets? Want to raise your leveling speed? Make use of Wrath epic gems! {skull}Str, Agi, Int{skull} Everything is available! /w me or check AH"
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Achieve said...

Heck its not just gladiators.. it people like me... that have lots of gold.. and honestly paying 300 gold for an epic gem for my leveling gear... toss an enchant on there and leveling is a lot faster and more fun... BGs... I did some where the CLOSEST player on my team to me in damage, was less than half... its a blast to be OP... its the same as the PVP gear grind or the PVE gear grind... Its OPness without the GRIND.. RAWRRRRRR... good times

Kuja said...

True. Even Zangarmarsh quests gives some NICE pants with 3(!) sockets. Toss 3 epic gems there and they will last until level 77. :) No grinding required. Win!