Thursday, June 9, 2011

Farming Clams | Thousands of Gold from Pearls!

Golden Pearls and Black Pearls have been a gold maker since vanilla, a lot less during TBC and early Wrath due to everyone farming Naga, but these days they seem to sell for 100-300g most of the time, even though their main use is gone now. These are mainly obtained from clams, but with a low drop rate.

Out of 500 Big-Mouth Clams I got 12 Golden Pearls and 33 Black Pearls, which sold for about 6000g. That amount does not contain other pearls I obtained, nor does it include the gold I made from the Clam meat, which is needed by cooks to level up. A stack of meat can sell for even 100g if no one else is selling it.

A Big-Mouth Clam may contain:
- Golden Pearl
- Black Pearl
- Iridescent Pearl
- Small Lustrous Pearl
- Zesty Clam Meat

TBC, Wrath and Cata clams can give other pearls aswell, but they aren't as valuable usually.

It's a nice money maker because you don't need to be level 85 to farm these. You can bring a lowbie here and gain level ups aswell!

Where to farm?

I've found 2 places to be worthwhile. Sea Giants in Tanaris and Naga in Blasted Lands.

Tidal Strider
- 93% Drop rate
- Goblins and Gnomes have to swim here :(

Blasted Lands
Bloodwash Naga
- 61% Drop rate

There are other places aswell, and you may look for more by clicking here.
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Matt M said...

How's the spawn rate there? I'm at work or I would just fly a toon in to find out myself... If there's a good spawn rate, this sounds like it could be pretty profitable! (You mentioned 500 clams - how long did it take you to farm them would be another way of answering my question).


Kuja said...

I didn't run out of mobs to kill, but theres definitely more naga in Blasted Lands than tidal striders in Tanaris. There's often someone else killing the giants aswell. I didn't count time, but I did the farming while watching a movie, so it took me that long :)

Matt M said...

I'm going to give it a run over the weekend and see how it goes... (after checking TUJ and AH to see how my server market is for them of course... lol)

Take care and thanks again for the great tip!

Candice said...

I tried the area in Tanaris - it was pretty sweet. Didn't run out of giants to kill, though I only farmed it for about twenty minutes or so. Don't forget to kill the turtles that are nearby, they drop clams too!